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What are She Sheds and Why Do I Need One?

Since Cheryls she shed burnt down they have been growing in popularity year after year, because let’s be honest who hasn’t seen that television commercial! Let’s go over what she sheds are and why you should consider one in your backyard!

What are She Sheds?

When you think of she sheds there is not just one definition, and that is the beauty of it! This structure can be anything you want it to be, literally anything. It defines the person you are and your artistic abilities by letting you design the whole structure from the ground up. From the paint that is on the siding and trim, the shingles color on the roof, your window placement, style of the building, to even finishing off the inside, the whole process is up to you!

Now what if you aren’t a very artistic person and you may need little help in the design process. Well we are always here to help at Backyard Escapes! Whether you see an idea online you want to replicate but put your own spin on it, the process is totally up to you!

The only true definition we could say she sheds have are that they are stand alone structures in the yard, much like a storage shed. This comes with the name as a shed is a free standing structure not attached to your home. Now just because it has shed in it doesn’t mean you can’t create a “she room” or “she garage”. The whole idea is up to you so who’s stopping you!

She Shed Idea’s

There are many things you can do to a she shed, the possibilities are endless! You can use it as a space for the girls to hang out, a home gym, or a home office, it is a free space to do whatever you’d like in the backyard!

Hangout Spot For Friends

Starting off with the most popular a place for you and your friends to hangout, relax, and create conversations about things going on around you. Create an atmosphere that invites your guests, showcase your interior design skills and implement features that will let you enjoy the moments together. Adding couches or a table with chairs will help you relax and take the stress away plus will ease the tension with guests and create a place where time moves fast, where you ask yourself where has the time gone?

Add a coffee bar and become a barista when friends come over to accompany you and conversations run on! Perhaps after a long day go enjoy a hot cup of coffee and relax in peace and quiet to release the stress and tension everyday imposes. Create a cool and relaxing ambiance in the backyard.

Pick Your Design

Create an eye catching she shed in the backyard, don’t settle for an ordinary looking structure.  Remember this building is supposed to resemble you and how you like things. Design a shed that doesn’t resemble a shed at all!

For example add a four foot porch to bring the cozy and warm feel to the structure, catching the eye’s of your guests and always making you feel at home. Perhaps add bigger windows that fill up the wall more and adds more room for your favorite curtains to be seen.

Maybe flower boxes are your thing if you like gardening and adds to the color of the structure. Bringing out warm tones on your earthy colored shed. Making those colors pop and correspond with the backyard theme. Subtle and inexpensive touches like a flower box  takes away the feel of a garden shed and turns it into a women dreams backyard structure!

Sizes For She Sheds

When considering what size you need it is totally up to you to determine. She sheds are limited to a certain size range, some customers may like a smaller structure such as a 10×12 while others may go as big as 12×30 but it is totally up to you and your desired space.

If you choose to go with a smaller size consider this, when you go smaller you will always want bigger. Yes, a 10×12 may sound big but that is roughly enough room for a small chair, end table and maybe a mini fridge plus still have enough room to move around. We suggest to go no smaller than a 10×16 or 12×16. We try to guide you in the right direction to make this purchase you last purchase for this item with no regrets! These sizes are perfect so you have enough room for a place to sit down for you and your friends plus have entertainment options inside the building.

So when designing you she shed, consider this article and take these tips on how to create the best area you will enjoy in the backyard. If you spouse needs one too, check out our other blog post on why a man cave is a must have for men! Or if you are ready to get the ball rolling on yours contact us here or below to get started.

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