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dog kennels for breeding

Dog Kennels for Breeding

Our breeding kennels are designed with comfort and ease of use in mind, explore the luxury of our commercial dog kennels for breeders! 

Dog Kennels for Breeding Made Easy

We understand the work that goes into breeding dogs, so why not alleviate some of the hassle and stress with a structure designed specifically for that purpose? Our commercial dog kennels for breeding offer numerous options that can take away some of the hassle involved in breeding dogs. 

The constant work and mess can pile up and overwhelm beginners. Our breeding kennels for sale take away some of the work so you can focus on more important tasks and the maturing of your furry friends. Explore our kennels and their options to find the perfect solution to your problems ! 

Our Dog Breeding Kennels Bring Comfort and Ease

Our dog kennels for breeders take away the stress that comes with the job, explore these features and see which one could benefit you the most. In addition to our standard features, we offer numerous upgrades that make breeding kennels easier to maintain and more comfortable for your furry friends! 

Our breeding kennels are insulated from floor to ceiling with R-13 Batten insulation and closed cell spray foam insulation. Providing sound control and protection from the weather! 

Our kennels are standard with composite decking in the run area to provide a rot resistant exterior run floor. Furthering the quality of our dog kennels for breeding! 

Adding a wash sink to your kennel keeps sanitation in line. With new born puppies they are very vulnerable to bacteria that can be in your kennel! 

Find Your Perfect Commercial Dog Kennel for Breeding

Standard Features of Breeding Kennels

  • R-13 Batten Insulation in the walls and ceiling
  • R-13 closed cell spray foam insulation in floor
  • 5/8″ Smart floor coated in ploy urea
  • Composite decking on exterior run wall
  • PVC Trusscore lined interior walls
  • 11.5ga Chain link fencing
  • Pine Board & Batten or LP Duratemp Siding
  • Architecural Shingles
  • Pressure treated ground contact rated 4×4 runners
  • Pressure treated 2×4 floor joists
  • Vinyl wrapped exterior posts
  • 17″x20″ Spring Loaded Dog Doors
  • Cathedral style ceiling
dog kennels for breeders

Is a Portable Dog Kennel For Breeders right for You?

Considering which kennel could be right for you can be a daunting task. A portable kennel is a great solution to many of problems. Unlike built on site kennels, a portable dog kennel can be repositioned, moved, or worked on easier!

A dog kennel for breeding can be a large investment, consider the future as well as the present. With a portable kennel you have the ability to sell your kennel if you need less or more space. A built on site kennel is not able to move and will have to be either demolished or sold with your property. A portable dog kennel for breeders is a excellent investment!

Eliminating the Stress for Breeders

Our dog breeding kennels for sale offer numerous options for puppies. When they are born, it is important to keep puppies warm. Instead of installing and removing heaters, have designated kennels designed for the newborn puppies. Our whelping options give our dog kennels for breeding the hassle free experience breeders love. With various options such as electric or liquid propane models, we can create a kennel that is perfect for breeding dogs, see more of these options below!

Custom Build a Dog Kennel for Breeding

We offer the ability to customize your kennel so that it fits your style and need of a breeding kennel. Create your own kennel for breeding  from the ground up and have the ability to control your budget and options! Contact us with your dream kennel and our professional and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist! 

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