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Terms & Conditions

A minimum deposit of $500 is required at the time item is ordered. Balance is due before the item ships to you the customer.  We will arrange balance due a few days before delivery and you may pay with check, money order or credit card.  Deposit may be paid by credit card charge to Customer’s Visa or MasterCard.

Deliveries are normally made Monday through Friday between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm depending on Customer location.  Backyard Escapes reserves the right to reschedule deliveries due to inclement weather, periods of excessive rain or other events beyond our control.  Backyard Escapes also asks that Customers request delivery be rescheduled should Customer believe inclement weather, soft ground or other conditions exist which would impeded the safe delivery of the building or cause damage to the delivery truck or trailer or Customer’s property or otherwise make delivery exceptionally difficult for the driver.

A written agreement will be sent to the customer after online order is obtain.  Both parties will sign and agree to the terms and conditions before we process the order.

Barns, Gazebos, Pavilions, Pergolas, Dog Kennels, Chicken Coops, Swing Sets

All structures will be delivered to and setup at your location via flatbed trailer.  Shipping charges are included in the cost of most of the products.   Oversize items may incur additional shipping charges for highway transport permits and escort. This amount will be verified with you during order confirmation. Additional permit charges for the above oversize selections must be paid before delivery.  All prep work of the site is the responsibility of the property owner.  Use of the EZ Mover or Mule for delivery may incur additional charges. We must be notified of inaccessible or difficult delivery prior to placing your order.

Backyard Escapes IS NOT Responsible For The Following:

Building Permits, Site preparation, Site accessibility, Property damage resulting from inaccessibility (i.e. soft ground, trees, wells, septic systems, etc.), moving limbs, shrubs, low wires, landscaping, fencing, etc.   If the site is prepared properly our driver WILL do minor blocking and leveling of the structure.  If site is inaccessible because of rocks, trees, fences or other buildings, our driver may unload the shed as close to the intended site as these conditions permit.  If our driver must return with the structure, a return shipping cost will be charged to the customer.

When used appropriately and maintained properly, Backyard Escapes guarantees that this product will remain structurally sound. Normal wear and tear, fading of exterior surfaces, and general aging, which is common of any outdoor product that is exposed to natural elements, will occur.   As with any building which is located on top of the ground, settling may occur. You also will need to periodically clean, paint, caulk and keep vegetation from growing around the edges of the structure which will cut off ventilation.

Order Cancellation Fee (We will subtract this amount from your total)

25% 5 Business Days from Order Date
50% 10 Business Days from Order Date
90% 15 Business Days from Order Date
100% 16+ Business Days from Order Date

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