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Chicken Coop Options

No matter the design idea you have, we offer numerous options that will not only create a life of ease for raising chickens but will also help your chickens live a happy and healthy life! 

Siding Options

LP Smartside

LP smartside is a Standard Option for chicken coops. This style of siding holds up great against the elements as well as rot, pests, and decay. Backed by a 50 year warranty, you will have the peace at mind your chicken coop will be there for years and years. 

Board and Batten

Board and batten siding gives the rustic touch to a chicken coop that customers love. This is also a Standard Option for our amish made chicken coops. This siding comes with your choice of stain color and the option to choose a trim color for an extra cost. 

Other siding options are available upon request for an extra fee, please contact us to inquire on a custom option!

Paint Colors

Stain Colors

Shingle Colors

Metal Roof

Interior Options

Adding these options to your chicken coop and increase the comfort of your chickens, while also increasing the the ease of raising. Consider adding these options to your coop to get the most for your buck! 

Epoxy Floor

Consider adding an epoxy floor to your coop for easy cleaning. Clean out the litter and mess easily with a slick, non-stick, floor that releases chicken manure easily. 

Electric and Solar Packages

An electric package opens the door to comfort and happiness for your chickens. Hook a heater or any electrical appliance to the reciprocal for easy cleaning, heating or more. For easier electric options, consider our Solar Package for hassle free electric options. 

Heated Roost

Comfortable  chickens are happy chickens, add heated roosting bars if you are in a cooler climate. 

Insulated Ceiling

Adding an insulated ceiling with help keep your chickens warm in the winter, a simple upgrade that will keep your chickens comfortable. 

Feed Room

Adding a feed room to your coop means you can walk into your coop without having to interact with the chickens. 

Litter Tray & Clean Out Lid

Adding a litter tray will help with the clean out process. Easily remove the tray and debris for hassle free cleaning. The clean out lid is a must for this chicken coop option. 

We have numerous other interior chicken coop options to consider, please contact us to find out more! 

Additional Chicken Coop Options

Automatic Chicken Door

Our automatic chicken door is a great chicken coop option to add. Control when your chickens leave and enter the coop in the morning and evening. To add an additional function, consider the WIFI feature to control your chicken coop door from your smartphone or tablet!

Wheel Package

Eliminate the possibility of dead spots in your yard and allow your chickens to feast on the bugs by adding a wheel package. Available on the majority of our chicken coops, this is a great option to consider! 

Extended Run

Add extra space for your chickens to move around by adding an extended run option. Made with durable fencing, this chicken coop option is a great economical way to expand your coop. 

Cupolas & Weathervanes

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