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Man Caves

Man Caves, Why They Are A Must Have For Men

Everyone needs a space of their own, men need man caves! A place to showcase their design skills, show their friends their collection, relax and unwind after a long weekend the possibilities are endless. Let’s go over why it is a must have and why it can be easy as pie to purchase one!

How easy is it to build a man cave?

Let’s start with the first question everybody asks, how will we build a man cave? Well if you do it yourself it can take much much longer and perhaps even more than if you bought a prebuilt one such as ours!

Choose the right size for your custom man cave!

With us the sky is the limit, we love to build outside the box designs our customers propose to us. Custom amish craftsmanship that will last as long as you have use for the space! But what can I build with you? Well no matter the size we can accommodate the build the best man shed for you.

First choose your desired size, this is dependent on what you would like to include in your man cave. For those just wanted something small that will accommodate a small fridge, a television and maybe a recliner with little room to walk around, try a 10×12.

Maybe you want to include a bar or a large couch for when your buddies come over to watch the big game then perhaps a 10×16 or up to a 12×20 will be the perfect space for you. This is your building so it is totally in your hands!

Finished interior done right

When we say we like to be a one stop shop, we mean it! We can do anything you’d like so you have the best man cave possible, including electric, heat/ac, insulation and interior wall finishing.

To create the perfect experience for you when designing your man cave we like to offer many options and styles you can choose from. From a vinyl classic that offers a cottage touch with larger overhangs and windows plus a stepper roof pitch which perfectly matches your house or a 6′ painted A-frame for a simple look and feel, we can build the one that best fits you!

To make the process even easier for you, add a finished interior to your man cave! No need to hire a separate contractor once your building is delivered and prolong the process of settling in. We offer many different interior finishes but most popular is our painted duratemp. With this option you can choose from over 20 different paint colors and well as a separate color for your interior trim, taking yet another heart ache off your shoulders!

But why would I need to finish the inside? Who wants a man cave that is half finished or looking like it is lacking in a certain area? Finishing the inside also helps you climate control your space to the perfect comfort level you desire.

The last thing you want is to have all your friends over, enjoying the big game, and you have to bundle up cause the heat runs out or its too hot then you have to hook up a million fans to try and stay cool. Finishing the inside with insulation helps control the heat and cool air from escaping or coming in. We offer batten insulation for the floors, walls and ceiling just like your home. For the floor we offer a closed cell spray foam insulation to squeeze into all those nooks and cracks between the floor joists. Creating the perfect oasis in the backyard!

Why Do I Need A Man Cave?

Do you come home from work, eat dinner then just want to relax after working all day? Get away from the noise the kids make? Well then a man cave should be in your backyard!

Create a space where you and your buddies will enjoy handing out. As said above, place a televisions and couch in your man cave to create a hangout. Everybody has furniture left over from redoing their living room, office space, or possibly your wife wants you to get rid of the old recliner hogging up room in the living room. Man caves do not have to be luxurious, use that old furniture in your outdoor getaway to enhance the space.

Do you host a Super Bowl party every year? Well have an outdoor space with a mini fridge stocked with your favorite drinks or a mini bar to host the perfect parties you guests will rave about. If you don’t drink, perhaps put a coffer bar or even a juice bar in your man cave to keep your refreshed and awake!

Man caves aren’t just for bars, couches and recliners, it can be much more. Do you collect certain objects such as gum ball machines, signs, or anything at all? Well a man cave does not have a certain definition that defines what it can or can’t be, create a space to showcase what you love. Add shelving to create a wonderful display, perhaps line them up based on the rarity of the object. Go one step further and add lights to brighten your display and draw attention to your collection. The space is yours, feel free to express your design skills and love for collecting!

Maybe you’re not a collector and you love to work on automobiles, well a man cave can be just that as well. Install some speakers to jam out as you get to work or a fancy snap on tool box to really add to the shop feel. Install rubber flooring to eliminate the mess that comes from working on cars!

When searching for man caves, discover the simplicity of working with us. We take the hassle of building your own man cave away and we do the hard work for you! read more about man caves here, or contact us below and tell us your big idea!

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