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Why A Poolhouse Is A Necessity For Swim Area’s

Do you have a pool in the backyard? A place for friends and family to soak in the sun and warm air on the weekends or holidays. Well there is one element you may be missing that will accompany your pool area and create a lot less headache for you, a poolhouse! Let’s dive into why this structure should be a consideration for your backyard.

A Pool Storage Solution

This building can be very versatile meaning the uses are endless! Whenever you add an element as large as a pool there is always more than comes with it, there is never an end of expenditures. So where are you going to put it all? Well custom build a structure close by for easy access and a great look!

Add To The Curb Appeal

When you consider adding a pool to your backyard you never just dig a hole, line it, and fill it with water. There is always more that comes with it to create a backyard you and your guests will want to spend time in.

When you think of a pool are you think of beautiful landscaping, easy access, and luxury seating for relaxation. When you have a in ground pool you need a pool deck or else dirt and grass or other elements of nature will constantly be flowing into your pool which clogs the pipes and filters making a mess and a headache for you. Which means you have a concrete perimeter or beautiful pavers you have meticulously picked out to match your house and surrounding landscaping.

Add to your backyard landscaping with a poolhouse that compliments your existing structures and feel. Add elements and change of the textures such as different sidings in place places like the gable that changes up the look and grabs the eyes of your guests to spark conversations. Also consider adding a small porch  perhaps four feet wide that brings the cozy cottage feel to the backyard.

Storage For All Your Needs

When you have a pool you never just but the pool do the landscaping then your done. There is always more to buy such as lawn chairs for your guests to relax on, pool noodles or floats to relax in the water on a hot day and much more. The last thing you want is to create this beautiful backyard pool area just for it to be cluttered with pool accessories  thrown all over the place.

Building a pool house that is functional yet beautiful is a great solution to any problem. Outdoor patio loungers can be very expensive just to have a place to relax, but even though they are made for the outdoors, the elements can be harsh on anything. Having a place to store them will increase the life plus keep them looking new for many pool seasons to come.

Not only is a poolhouse useful for the accessories that come along with owning a pool but the actual working mechanics as well. Having a building right next to the pool comes with the luxury of being able to hide the tanks and pipes from your guests. The last thing you want to see is the ugly water tanks that take away from your beautiful landscaping your made around the pool area. Hiding them away, out of sight, is not the only benefit of this. Tucking them away off to the side also helps drown out the noise and helps you concentrate on the birds chirping and the music you have playing.

So when searching for a custom poolhouse for your backyard consider adding touches that make it stand out in your backyard. Maybe you need something smaller like a pool shed, the choice is totally up to you! Read more about pool houses and gain ideas, check out “A custom tiki bar for poolside refreshments” or “Why a pavilion is a great poolside addition.” Have questions and need answers? Enter your information below to contact us!

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