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Storage Shed Ideas

Storage Sheds, Options to Increase Space

Are you held to a certain size by a home owners association or your available backyard space? Storage sheds have many options you can add to maximize the space you are allotted. Lets go over some key options you should consider!

Choose the right backyard structure

We offer many different styles and sizes, small mini barns to large garages. When choosing the right one for you it comes down to many different elements such as:

  • Roof Style
  • Siding Style and Color
  • Door Style
  • Window Size
  • Various options

No two buildings are the same, every storage shed we build is unique in its own way. Whether it’s the siding, trim or many other options no building is the same as before, every customer puts their own spin on it!

The backyard shed with the most space

Yes you read that correctly, not every style has the same amount of storage room. For example the mini barn has a four foot sidewall meaning the head room is not as tall, roughly around 8′ to the center. The classic series has a steeper roof pitch than a standard a-frame giving it more headroom.

However the best style, if you are not limited by your HOA, is the highwall series! We can build this style in any siding you’d like such as painted duratemp, vinyl, James Hardie, New Haven, or any siding you desire.

But why is this style the best? Well just like the mini barn the highwall has the same style roof, only difference is the sidewall height. The highwall has a six foot sidewall meaning it is roughly ten feet to the top with ample head room. With the gambrel roof style the storage space is more than adequate. Most customers add a loft which is the biggest bang for your buck with the highwall. Plenty of storage space for large tubs, Christmas decorations such as the Christmas tree and wreaths, and plenty more!

With all that headroom it provides, there is plenty of options you can choose from to use that added space. Do you have lawn tools such as a weed eater, leaf blower, shears or more? Well those elements are perfect for hanging on the side walls or from the rafters. Easily attach hangers to hang them up off the floor and save space for items that cannot be lifted or may be too heavy for you to lift so often.

Space Saving Storage

We offer many options you can add that will benefit you more than you can fathom. Options we build right into your shed to save you the hassle and time so when your custom storage shed is delivered you can get right to organizing and moving in!

Storage Loft

A storage loft is something customers have loved for years and continues to be added in almost all storage sheds. As said above the highwall series is primarily the best reason to add a loft, but that does not mean it is not functional in other styles.

Adding a loft to any building with increase the storage of your building. We tend to think of it as this, if you purchase a 10×12 storage building and add a 4×10 loft, essentially your total storage volume will be equivalent to a 10×16 storage building just by adding the loft. Yes, to answer the question you are thinking, we do build larger lofts to accommodate anything you are wanting to store.

What should I store on a loft in a shed? Well we tend to see items that are not used as often such as Christmas decorations, clothes that are seasonal such as ski clothes or thick hunting clothes, maybe even store old pots and pans you are saving for a later date. A loft is a great option to add to storage sheds to increase the space you have!

Levels Of Shelving

Just like a loft, shelving is very versatile and a great way to maximize the storage your building can handle. Primarily built two feet wide but we can accommodate any size you’d like!

Perfect for storing tools, car accessories, clothing boxes, or anything you may be wanting to store. Add as many as you’d like with the spacing you desire to store as much as possible and save floor space for items you use more often such as lawn mowers, shovels, rakes, wheel barrels and more!

Also you do not need to make a full wall of shelves, if you only need maybe ten feet of shelving on a sixteen foot wall to save space for your lawn mower, that is no problem we can certainly build based off your specs. Perhaps you only need three feet, that is no problem!

Aluminum Cabinets

Add cabinets to your storage shed, perfect for separating and organizing your outdoor storage space. As much as we try to stay organized, most of us fail over time. It starts out great keeping everything neat and tidy but overtime we lose the habit and tend to just throw items everywhere. Then comes the time you need that item in which you remember the area you put it such as in the shed but can’t remember exactly where.

This is where having cabinets is a great feature to have in your shed. For smaller items such as electrical tape, oil cans, grease, string or more, stay organized with aluminum cabinets made to hold up and not need any attention to. Hanging firmly in place on the wall ready to store any and all necessities need be!

So when you are looking for a storage shed, ask us about these upgrades to get more bang for your buck and maximize the space you are allowed to have. Be sure to check out our other blog posts for storage sheds such as “Top Shed Designs Of 2022” plus “What Makes A High Quality Storage Shed.”¬†Have questions or interested in a custom shed? Enter your information below and tell us your idea!

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