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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Dog Kennels

We are here to help answer any questions you may have, however, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our outdoor dog kennels! 

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Yes, our dog kennels are pre-built meaning once they arrive to your property and they are installed by our professional crew, they are ready to be used! When you choose a pre-built dog kennel, you are purchasing a quality crafted item so there are no mishaps or wrong doings in the construction process.

We build dog kennels that will fit one to 16 dogs or even more if you choose to have us custom design a dog kennel. However, if you have smaller breeds, you could could comfortably fit multiple dogs per run. It is best to consider the interior space needed for your dog. 

Depending on the size of your kennel we need at least two feet larger on both sides in order to fit the kennel to your desired location. If the kennel will come in at an angle instead of straight on, it is best to contact us with site photos so we can asses your property 

Due to the immense amount of detail and material used in our kennels we offer a build on site option on certain models. It is best to contact us with your address so we can get an accurate install price for our amish crew to travel to your location! 

Our dog kennels are made to require as little maintenance as possible. Depending on the interior finishing you choose, maintenance could include power washing the interior to remove dirt and grime, as well as power washing the exterior to keep growth off. 

Yes, we can custom design a dog kennel that fits your needs and desires. All we need is the amount of runs you desire, size, and any other details you may want to include such as storage or an office space!

We deliver and install all over the continental United States. Our professional delivery crew will safely deliver and install your kennel to the exact location you desire (if applicable). 

Our build time fluctuates throughout the year, typically completion is between 4-12 weeks. However depending on your location, our install crew may be farther out than our production time. However, we try our best to deliver our dog kennels in a timely manner without any frustration from you! 

Yes, our dog kennels can be relocated from the original spot of installation. That is the benefit of choosing our portable dog kennels as it can move with you as desired! 

Our kennels are designed to be interchanged with the numerous options we offer. We can include larger doors, larger interior spaces and larger exterior spaces to accommodate larger dog breeds comfortably and safely! 

The most popular size for a single dog is our 8×10 or 8×12 single dog kennels. These kennels offer a good sized interior space for multiple dog breeds and enough run area for them to stretch their legs! 

Yes we do, for certain models and sizes, we offer no credit check rent to own or traditional credit check financing for larger kennels. 

We try to keep the ordering process as simple as possible. Once you have the design exactly as you like, we will finalize the design and get your final approval. Next, our amish craftsmen will get to work building your kennel exactly as we planned. Lastly, we will reach out with a delivery date and our professional installation crew will deliver and set up your brand new outdoor dog kennel!

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