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chicken coop styles

Explore Our Chicken Coop Styles

Check out our amish made chicken coop styles and see which design fits your needs the most. Our chicken coops come from the heart of Lancaster Pennsylvania, in amish country. Don’t see one you like? Contact us for a custom design! 

Coops for Every Purpose

See our pre-designed chicken coop styles and select which coop fits your needs and desires the most. All of our coops are built with the highest quality in mind and to promote comfortable and easy chicken raising! 

A-frame Chicken Coop Style

The a-frame chicken coop design resembles a shed, with a spacious interior and feed room you can implement multiple coop options that will take your dream coop to the next level. We build this coop to hold between 6 to 100 chickens (varying on the size) to accommodate beginner and experience raisers. Consider this style for large flocks.

Chicken House with Run

The combination chicken coop style is perfect for those who want protection from predators. Offering an interior coop area while also featuring an attached covered run area. This is a great coop for homeowners wishing to alleviate stress and have an all in one coop.

Dutch Coop

The dutch coop preserves the farm style and theme that comes when you think of a chicken coop. Featuring a barn style roof, this coop is best for smaller flocks for beginners or for those with a smaller yard. Consider this chicken coop style for a farm or ranch setting!

lean-to chicken coop

Lean-To Chicken Coop

Perfect for those searching for a modern chicken coop, the lean-to coop is a perfect backyard addition. Also perfect for nestling against a wall or foundation, this coop will draw the eye of your guests and save room in your backyard. Consider this coop to blend in perfectly with your modern farmhouse home!

Quaker Chicken Coop Style

The quaker coop is a timeless classic for backyards. Featuring a two foot overhang over the nesting boxes for rain coverage, this coop is ready to last in the elements. Serving flocks as small as 6-8 and flocks as large as 80-100, this coop is versatile for beginners or experienced raisers!

Quaker Chicken Coop
moveable chicken coop

Tractor coop

The tractor chicken coop style is great for smaller flocks and controlling the placement of your coop! Say goodbye to dead spots in your yard, with this coop, you have the ability to relocate this coop anywhere in the yard. Chickens love to eat bugs from your property, this coop allows your chickens to do so but protected! 

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