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She Shed

Tailor Made She Sheds

Just like a man cave, a she shed is a must for all the ladies! A relaxing getaway from the distractions all around such as the energy filled kids or a crazy work schedule. 

Custom designed she sheds are built in the heart of Pennsylvania by our expert amish craftsmen. There is nothing better than having a quality structure where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Choose what fits you the most and express your design skills in every aspect such as the build process to the interior decorating! Read more below about our she sheds or contact us at the bottom with any questions you may have! 

She Sheds Can Be Anything

She Shed Idea's

Your husband has his garage which becomes his man cave, don’t you think you should have your own space as well? Well a she shed is a great idea!

What is a she shed? Well the great thing is, she sheds can be anything you’d like, there is no straight forward answer to that question. A home gym to sweat the stress out, a lounge for a calming ladies night, or maybe even a spa room to sneak away and relax.

This space can be anything you can dream, after all it’s yours, put your own spin on it! From the color scheme to the options you add, put your touches on it to make your friends and family desire a space like yours! 


Somewhere To relax

As said above, the space is yours, so create an area you will want to spend time in. Do you love making crafts? Well create a craft room you can express your ideas and come up with a beautiful final project! With many different opportunities, you can maximize this space to anything you can dream.

With many different styles to choose from such as the classic which features a steeper roof pitch, larger windows, eight inch overhangs and more, this style will fit great with the she shed look mimicking a cottage! Adding dormers or more windows to get extra light brightens the space and will increase the boldness of the colors inside. We can build your she shed in any size you’d like, we suggest no smaller than a 10×12 but the sky is the limit for larger buildings. 

Choose from a variety of colors to deck out your custom shed. Pick out your siding, trim, shingle, and shutter color to match your home or go after a brighter look in the backyard with cool and soft colors! Add contrast to your landscaping and home to enhance your backyard. Perhaps a barn red to go after the country feel, a shade of avocado that captures the earth tones for plant growers, or an ocean blue for the coastal vibe she may love! Millions of color combinations to go with any theme or style you may love.

A Place to Make Her Own

As said before, a she shed can be anything you’d like, there is no pure definition to what it can and can’t be. In fact it doesn’t have to be a shed at all, why not a garage? Building a two story garage offers plenty of storage on the first floor, perhaps even a man cave for him, but most importantly it leaves large amounts of room on the second floor just asking to be occupied! Create a unique area centered around your interests. 

Somewhere To Relax

Everyone needs a place to unwind, relax their muscles, and just clear their minds of all the worries thrown our way everyday. Don’t you think she needs her own space? Having a place in the backyard to call her own, perhaps with a sign on the front door. A place to relax with friends, sip wine, and chat about anything in the world. Add a coffee maker, loveseat, and a chandelier which every she shed needs! 

Are you ready for your perfect backyard oasis? Design your own she shed and leave the hassle to us. Amish crafted, professionally installed and ready to go upon delivery. Enter your information below and let us know the details of your dream structure! Be sure to also check out a amish built man cave

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