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Pool House

Custom Made Pool Houses

Are you tired of the clutter that comes along with a pool house or the noise of the working mechanics? Then definitely consider an amish made poolhouse. 

This style structure has no basic design, these are custom made structures to fit your pool area’s currently developed design and style. Compliment your landscaping and house to improve your pool deck. Seek a modern or rustic design based on your desires. 

A custom poolhouse can be functional and breathtaking. Perhaps implement a tiki bar element to further increase the functionality of this structure. Read more below or contact us at the bottom and we will answer any of your questions. 

Consider a Pool Cabana

Do you have a beautiful backyard? One that excites your friends and family in the warm summer air with a bright blue pool? Well you may be missing one element that would greatly increase the curb appeal of your backyard and also help organize your yard! A pool house to accompany your existing backyard landscaping and structures is a great element to consider!

Custom amish made with premier craftsmanship nestled in your backyard, enhancing your pool space! Exciting your family and friends while also easing your day by minimizing the rafts and pool noodles spread across the pool deck and also the pool chairs.

Explore why this structure is one to consider for your backyard!

Versitile Pool House

Do you have a great pool deck? Complete with perfectly placed pavers, in an elegant fashion, maybe even complete with an outdoor kitchen? Well as you may know when you have a pool or an indoor and outdoor kitchen, that means more items to come along. Such as pool noodles, rafts, poolside chairs, cooking utensils, bar stools and much much more. So where are you going to store these items? 

A custom amish made pool house may be just the answer to the question! The kid’s and your spouse are going to want something to float on in the pool, so that means pool noodles and more pool noodles then you have blow up rafts, styrofoam rafts and many more. So after you spend all the money to get your pool deck just the way you want it, the last thing you want is noodles and rafts all over your new pavers. A pool house is just what you need, store all the items a pool requires and more conveniently right next to it. No more hogging up space in your garage and tracking all the dirt back into the pool, have easy access. Plus storing your chairs there in the winter will increase the longevity of them which means less money spent! 

Relaxing Pool Cabana

Not only will it store all the small items but a pool also requires pumps, water treatment and more. Going back to decorating your patio with beautiful pavers and landscaping the last thing you want is to see a pool pump in the midst of it all. Adding a pool cabana will hide this away from your guests. Worst of all is the noise, while your enjoying a pool day you are listening to music and enjoying conversation with friends, putting your pool pumps in a structure will dampen the noise allowing you to have clear conversations and crisp music! 

Integrating a tiki bar and a pool house is a great option! Combing the best of both worlds into a simple and elegant structure. Add a serving bar to a portion of the shed to serve those ice cold frosty drinks when the weather is warm. Or perhaps as a food serving window where your guests start the buffet line on those Sunday barbecue’s. A simple addition that brings joy for years and years.

Maybe you want to go into a different direction and combine a pavilion and a pool house into one, making a cabana! This will keep the storage element you need for your pool toys but also offering great shade for grandparents or maybe after you get too much sun! 

Pool House Design Idea's

Design a poolhouse that flows with your landscaping and complements its surroundings. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and test your design and creative skills. Mix different textures to draw the eyes of your friends and family such as mixing different siding’s and trims. For example add wood trim on a vinyl building or add cedar shake gables to mix up the lines of the structure! 

Also branch out with your color scheme.You obviously want to match your home and patio, but don’t be afraid to change the color tone of the backyard. Make your poolhouse stand out and draw attention, let it be a conversation starter!

Ready to create an accent piece in your backyard? One that is drawing the eyes of your guests but is also functional? Enter your information below and tell us your idea’s to get the ball rolling on building your dream backyard! 

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