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Why You Need To Stay Away From Cheap Shed Kits

You can find cheap shed kits all over the internet, broadcasting storage sheds for low amounts of money. When you see certain companies advertising storage sheds for such a low amount while the majority of other companies are hovering around the same price, shouldn’t you raise a eyebrow?

In this blog post we are going over why you should reconsider and rethink purchasing a cheap storage shed kit.

Quality Shed’s Are Important

Before we start the reasons why, we are going to explain why you should consider spending a little more than less. Do you want constant maintenance, or another thing to worry about? Something that is cheap to start with but quickly costs just as much as a quality building from the beginning?

Quality is important in today’s world, spending time to work on something you are passionate about. Here at Backyard Escapes, we would rather produce less and have a better product than make more and cause heartache on our customers, quality is what we base everything around! A custom storage shed is what we love to build for our customers.

Save Time

While some customers require a kit for their shed due to yard conditions such as fenced in yard, trees or your house is too close to your neighbor other customers see it as a way to save money. Yes shed kits can be cheaper but the hassle to put it together does not make up for it.

The reason they can make them cheap is due to how they are built, they are mass produced. With this being said most of the time it requires additional cutting due to off edges and marks. A shed kit that is not made very well can be more of a hassle and cost just as much if not more than a quality shed kit.

In addition, shed kits can be very time consuming to put together. Taking weekends and week nights to put together. Nothing ever fits perfectly as it should and if you are not a handy person it can be a tricky task. Save time by purchasing a prefab shed!

Quality v.s Quantity

As said above, quality is what we strive for here at Backyard Escapes. When a product leaves our shop we guarantee the workmanship you will have in your backyard for years and years. When you purchase a shed kit often times they are massed produced meaning they are made by the hundreds at a time. Do you want to dread opening the kit up just hoping it is not as big of a pain as you think? Quality is worth the extra money especially for a backyard structure such as storage shed.


Most cheap shed kits found online also limit the amount you are able to customize. As said above they are manufactured by the masses, meaning they do want anything to do with slowing the production down. Need a window off centered or you’d like wider doors for a lawn mower? With cheap shed kits they do not like customization at all!

With us at Backyard Escapes, if you can dream it we can build it. Not only do we highly persuade customization we enjoy build it! With a backyard structure such as a storage shed customization is almost a must. No two backyards are the same, some have more trees than others, some customers want it perfectly placed and square with their house. Perhaps what you are using it for requires the building to be built a certain way in order for everything to fit according to plan.

So when searching for cheap shed kits, take these points into your decision making process. Buy quality over quantity and trust amish craftsmanship! Looking for more info? Check out our other blog posts such as “What Makes A High-Quality Storage Shed” or “Our Top 5 Favorite Sheds.” Have questions about a storage shed? Enter your information below and our team will reach out to assist you with anything you may need!

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