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Greenhouse shed for sale

What is a greenhouse shed and why do I need one?

Are you an aspiring gardener that wants a place to work away from inside the house? Perhaps you grow your plants inside the house on the countertop but you have outgrown your workplace and need more room. Well a greenhouse shed is the perfect addition to your backyard plus this structure will allow more room for your plants to grow!

What is a shed greenhouse combination?

First things first, let’s go over the basics of what this structure actually entails. As said above most customers run out of room in the house for their gardening. Most people have an area in their pantry or sunroom that houses their plants and vegetables to allow ample amounts of sunlight.

Well very quickly that room becomes filled up, especially when you love gardening and keep growing and growing. Greenhouse sheds are either sheds customers converted in a greenhouse or a structure that is part greenhouse and part storage shed. Most customers love the idea of having 2 sections that way they can house all their gardening necessities such shovels, fertilizer, seeds, water pales or more.

Why do I need a green house shed?

Let’s go over the why this structure can benefit your gardening skills and help you in more ways than one!

Gardening without making a mess

Do you currently grow your plants in your house? Have a room designated towards nurturing and caring for your plants to reap the benefits they bring? If so, well then you definitely know the mess that can and will follow. How often do you make every ounce of dirt fit into the pot without spreading all over the place? Maybe you fill up the pot with to much water and it leaks out, creating a mess all over your floor which then makes its way into your kitchen, living room and all throughout the house.

A garden shed eliminates that problem! Having a structure in the backyard in the form of a greenhouse creates a mess free area in your home and also opens up room for other area such as a home office or a gym room. Our greenhouse sheds come with a pressure treated decking so you don’t have to worry about spilling your fertilizer or dirt. All you have to do is hose the area out and it seeps through the cracks never to be seen again!


Greenhouse and shed combined

There’s no need to have two separate buildings in the backyard that take up space you can use for others structures or activities. Taking space for a swing set for the kids or even a swimming pool for summertime fun. With a greenhouse shed you have one seamless and beautiful building that adds great curb appeal to your backyard without taking up a whole lot of space!

Most importantly you have a shed attached to a greenhouse, meaning all the storage and gardening materials you need is within 4 steps of your plants. Having quick and easy access to all your needs is very convenient and brings ease to the world of gardening, especially when you can lock it up!

The storage shed part of the greenhouse doesn’t have to be used just for gardening. if you don’t have a need for a large storage shed in the backyard you can use this space as well. Lock up your lawn mower, trimmer, and whatever else you may need. Perhaps you just need extra attic space, well the shed section can be useful in many ways!


Fully assembled greenhouse sheds

The best part about buying a greenhouse shed is the ease and hassle free experience you receive from us. When you buy a greenhouse from a big box store you get stuck with the complicated and huge hassle of assembling the kit. Now most greenhouses from big box stores are cheap and for customers looking for a short term problem solving structure. These greenhouses come in a box and most of the time never go together as advertised, creating headache and stress that is not needed.

With our greenhouse sheds that is not the case! We deliver and install of structures full assembled and the built similar to that of a house. Quality materials create a quality building that we take pride in making. Most importantly our greenhouses are ready to use as soon as delivery is concluded

Ready to create your own potting shed in your backyard? Shop our full assembled greenhouses here and find the best one for you! Want to learn more about our greenhouses? Check out other blogs such as “Why a prebuilt greenhouse stands out” or read about all of our greenhouse models!


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