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Pro’s of a Backyard Tiki Bar Area

Have you been researching backyard bar idea’s to spruce up your outdoor living space? A structure such as a backyard tiki bar can bring a new light to your backyard to entertain guests, add to your backyard ambiance, and more. But first you need to choose the perfect design and understand why a structure such as this can help you enjoy outdoor living and bring it to a whole new level!

Tiki Bar’s Have Many Advantages

Let’s go over the reasons why including a section of your backyard for a bar area can be a show stopper you and your guests can enjoy year after year.


Having a structure  in the backyard that brings simplicity to the table is desired by many, but why hold off? Well many like to add to their backyard before putting the cherry on top, or some do not entertain as often. Well let us tell you that once this structure enters your backyard, guests will never want to leave and will be asking when’s the next party!

A backyard bar area will make entertaining a breeze. No more deep cleaning the home so your guests won’t see the mess behind the curtain or even cleaning up for days scrubbing every inch of your home from your recent gathering. With an outdoor living space these problems fade away. Now yes guests will still make their way inside to the kitchen or the bathroom but now parade around your home as an indoor party.

Having your guests in the backyard means less mess and more fun. Having the ease of just hosing down the party area and putting away the chairs is way less of a hassle than deep cleaning!

Versatility bar and grill area

This structure is as versatile as they come, not limited to just one idea. For adults this area can be perfect for a beer or wine tasting. Gather your guests around the bar top and serve cold and refreshing drinks on those hot summer days or nights. Adding the electric package to this structure builds the perfect area. Able to add a blender seamlessly without the need of long and ugly extension cords all over the yard. Perhaps a outdoor drink cooler underneath the bar top for easy and quick access!

Not fond of alcoholic beverages? Have a coffee night as studies show one in 3 adults love the taste of coffee. Add an expresso machine and gather your friends to taste the notes of each coffee bean blend or have your friends bring a sample of their favorite to share with the group!

Maybe you prefer smoothies and blending different flavors? Add an ice machine under the bar area and a blender to make those frosty cold drinks perhaps sitting poolside! Blend different flavors and find your favorite combination.

Not only can it be used for making drinks, perhaps incorporate an outdoor kitchen to maximize this space. Add a grill to make the space more inviting and useful! With a storage area right behind the bar area you can store all your grilling tools and perhaps a fridge for all you meats and vegetable for easy access!

A Functional Backyard

This space is not only a functional for adults it can also be used for the kids. Have a birthday coming up or another special day? Incorporate the bar area as a seating area for arts and crafts to keep the kids occupied or break up the afternoon. The bar top is a great and flat area for color pictures to come to life. Perhaps use this spot as an area to open up birthday gifts for everyone to see!

To add to the backyard bar feel, if you incorporate the electric package add wall outlet for the flat screen TV every bar area needs! Have the friends over to watch football on Sundays or a baseball game, cheering on your favorite team. Perhaps use the spot as an outdoor movie night like a drive in movie theater.

Final Thoughts

Adding a backyard bar area can bring your outdoor living space to a whole new level! Incorporating this structure can enhance your parties and gatherings plus bring simplicity to your life. Check out more of our outdoor living blogs such as “Why a poolhouse is a necessity for swim areas” or “Benefits of adding a outdoor pavilion to your home

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