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Shed Storage Ideas To Maximize Space

Searching for how to get the most out of your backyard shed? Well we are going to layout the best options to add to your storage shed so you get the most bang for you buck. Let’s go over the best shed storage ideas to use every ounce of space!

The Best Storage Shed Options

First let’s start with the options you can add when building a custom storage shed. These options can come with various sizes so you can choose which one fits your style and needs the most!

1. Shed Loft

Storage Sheds for sale near meThe most common addition you see in backyard sheds is a loft. Adding this to the gable of your building is a great way to add extra space into your building. Wall space is a flat area where unless you build extra square footage such as a loft, that space cannot be used as much.

Adding a loft adds to your useable square footage as said above. For example a 12×16 storage shed with a 4×12 loft essentially turns into a 12×20 with that extra square footage the loft brings.

When it comes to the size you are not limited to a 4×12 as mentioned above. While that is the most common size some customers like to go smaller while other like to go as large as 8×12, the choice is totally up to you. A loft is great for storing items you do not use very much so you do not see it or run into it trying to get your lawn mower out. Store Christmas items for example, most people only use them for perhaps two or three months. the other months they are stored away never to be touched till later.

2. Shelving or Workbench

Shelving Idea's For ShedsJust like a loft, shelving can be used to add extra square footage of storable space. Say you have larger items and need extra height to fit them. take the photo to the right for example. Mix and match the width of the shelves to fit different household items or lawn equipment.

Use this option as a workbench as well, store items like your tools and organize them by the size and purpose for easy finding. With the mix matched shelving width you can have a space to work on the bottom and easily find your tools above!

3. Wall Organizer

Wall organizer for storage shedsThis is a new option we are adding to our sheds. The wall organizer is perfect for holding all the odds and ends of lawn maintenance. Such as extension cords, tools, and more. Keeping everything up off the floor to free up space for your mower, gas cans, and more.

With plenty of hook options to choose from and even complete sets this option is definitely a consideration for shed storage idea’s.

Shed Add-On’s After Delivery

We don’t have every option possible to increase space, only the larger items such as listed above. Many customers go to a local hardware store to grab small screw in add-ons to increase space.

1. Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are available at any home improvement store. There are different sizes that carry various weight loads so be sure to get the one that fits your needs. These can be used to hang up extension cords much like our wall organizer for smaller items.

They also help with larger items that have more weight to them. Such as bicycles to free up floor space, weed eaters for easy hanging or leaf blowers perhaps even ladders that are not in use. The wall hooks are sure to help free up space with anything you can hang.

2. Exterior Idea’s

The inside is not the only thing you can add storage options to. Are you big on the outdoors and have kayaks or canoes? Add brackets on the exterior to hang your kayaks up and off the ground, even add a tarp over them to protect them from the sun. This saves the interior floor space for more items like a lawn mower to lock up tight.

No need to wrap the hose up on the inside, screw in a water hose holder to the exterior to keep your hose nice and tidy plus presentable, not sprawled out all over the lawn.

Final Thoughts

There is so many shed storage ideas we cannot name them all. Boost your interior and exterior storage by adding some of these options, get the most bang for your buck! Check out more shed idea’s such as “She shed ideas: ideas to create a more relaxing and creative space” or “Storage sheds, options to increase space.” Have questions? Enter your information below and we will be happy to help!

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