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Potting Shed

Prefab Greenhouses

No matter if you are beginner gardener or have been doing it for years there is one thing for sure, prebuilt greenhouses are the best possible structure for plants.

Adding a beautiful greenhouse to your garden will simplify your life and your plants will enjoy it just as much. Amish made greenhouses are a new wave taking the gardening hobby by storm. Adding great curbappeal to your yard and making you enjoy gardening even more enjoyable. 

Check out these cool greenhouse designs below and see which one fits you best.

Fully Assembled Greenhouse For Sale

Are you looking for a prebuilt greenhouse but don’t know which style to go with? Here at Backyard Escapes we offer various styles and sizes to fit any backyard plus any budget. No more cheap greenhouses that take time to assemble and fall apart in the wind and elements. Our greenhouses are built to withstand the test of time and to serve their purpose for years and years! Let’s check out our pre built greenhouses and what they have to offer! 

Garden Greenhouse Shed

This is the ultimate backyard greenhouse for sale! A brand new design element proven to spark your backyard curb appeal and will make you love gardening. Gardening is an art form, growing and nurturing your plants as you see them blossom into fully grown. Why shouldn’t your greenhouse be an enjoyment to be in and draw your attention?

Our garden greenhouse is perfect for those with a green thumb. This prebuilt greenhouse is equipped for anything you can throw at it. 

Staring off this greenhouse is built with a porch nook similar to our sheds which varies depending on the size you’d like. To bring the “wow” factor it is equipped with a timber frame pergola over the porch area as well as one over the double doors!

The greenhouse area’s size is based off your overall building size or the size you’d like because after all this is a custom greenhouse! Now you may ask, is this structure all greenhouse? Well no, as a gardener you have varies materials you need on hand  for plant growth. This structure also has an attached storage area for items such as seeds, shovels, fertilizer, or more! 

Backyard Potting Shed

Looking for a smaller greenhouse for your backyard? Maybe you are just getting started and want to dip your toes in first rather than diving in head on. Well the potting shed may be the right choice for you! 

The potting shed can come in various siding styles and sizes with the most popular sizes being 8×12 and 8×16 while the most popular siding being the LP board and batten for that rustic garden feel. 

The potting shed comes with a four foot front porch for a cottage feel. Under the porch it is finished with duratemp siding and painted your desired color to provide a seamless and beautiful finish. Of course a greenhouse needs tons of windows for all the sunlight to shine through, with the potting shed you get just that with tons of windows all around that bring in all the natural light possible! As for the entry door, the same applies for the potting shed as it is fitted with a 9-lite entry door for even extra glass in this structure! 

If you are looking for a starter greenhouse to see if gardening works for you, then the potting shed will be the best fit.

Azek GreenHouse

This is a classic greenhouse style, one that stood the tests of time literally and figuratively. This prebuilt greenhouse is made to outlast the elements and keep your plants lasting. 

The exterior is made completely out of Azek and wainscoting, but what does that mean? Azek is a material that resists the harsh beating the outdoors gives. Made to never rot, fade, crack, or swell,  azek is certainly the perfect material to build a greenhouse out of!

On the interior this greenhouse is built out of premium grade pressure treated 2×4’s that will also resist rot and decay giving the peace of mind this structure will be in your backyard for years to come!

The polycarbonate panels on this greenhouse resist the urge to yellow from the UV rays of the sun. Leaving you with a beautiful greenhouse every day. But what for ventilation does this greenhouse have? Well every azek greenhouse we build comes standard with a screen door with a built in vent to bring out the heat on those hot July days.

Added Features for Your Backyard Greenhouse

A greenhouse has many responsibilities that come along with raising plants such as regulating the hot air inside the structure. This is an especially important aspect when growing, the last thing you want is to spend day after day caring and nurturing your plants just for them to get fried in the hot days of July and August. A great way to solve this problem is by adding a vent lite door that adds a section to the door designated for a sliding window then covered by a screen to keep out the pests. This is a very cost efficient way to add ventilation to your pre built greenhouse.

Another alternative is to add a temperature controlled exhaust fan as shown above on the azek greenhouse, this is the most popular option. Adding this into the gable of your greenhouse will automatically control the temperature inside. Controlled by you , set the desired temperature for the interior based on the plants you have inside. Some plants like to grow in warmer climates so set the temp at a higher setting. For those who like colder temperatures set the thermometer at a higher setting to eliminate the heat. 

Looking to add a prebuilt greenhouse to your backyard but still have questions, enter your information below and a member of our team will reach out to answer anything you may have! 

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