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A Custom Storage Shed

Custom Storage Shed

Amish Storage Sheds Built To Last

Whether you need simple storage for your lawn mower and yard tools or a place to store your bins full of old clothes and houseware. A storage shed is there for all your needs!

Our amish made sheds are built either fully assembled or shipped in a kit form, handcrafted in the heart of Lancaster PA from true amish craftsmen, giving you the peace of mind you will have this backyard structure for years and years. Choose from many styles and sizes to see which one fits your best. Need custom work? Enter your information down below and a rep will reach out! 

Why Would I Need A Custom Storage Shed?

Amish Built Storage Shed

Do you live in a HOA or a part of town that requires you to match the theme of your house and surrounding buildings? Perhaps maybe even you just want your shed to match your home and surrounding landscaping. Well here at Backyard Escapes, we understand the need for designing and building the perfect structure that you will want to look out your window or stand on your porch to look at and admire plus even spark conversations to break the ice!

Most home owners associations most commonly referred to as HOA’s require homeowners to submit a request for a backyard structure, such as a shed, to ensure they go with the theme of the community. Let’s be honest the last thing any neighbor or homeowner wants is to look at a eye sore!

What Makes a Storage Shed Custom?

Every storage shed is essentially custom. Every customer loves putting their own twist or spin on their design, we can’t blame them! We love to build outside the box designs and watch the smiles illuminate on the customers face. When we say a custom storage shed we do not mean a structure that looks noticeably different. Custom means new for that customer, or creating your own version. Just about every element on one of our structures is able to customize, here is a list of just some of the elements you can customize:

  • Roof Pitch
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Overhangs
  • Colors
  • Trim Style
  • Electric

As said above them are just a few options you are able to customize! Some customers may prefer the standard door style while others may not. Adding larger windows for example opens up the possibility of adding a window unit to climate control your shed, perfect for tweaking your lawn mower or trimmer, but let’s hope you never have to do so! Larger overhangs can serve two purposes. One being they protect your building and entry points better from slicing rain sand hail, and secondly they match your house better!

What Can I Store in A Shed?

Nobody has enough storage, if they say they do give them a little time and that will change! We acquire new items every day either through gifts, shopping such as Walmart or Amazon, or many other ways. Your house can only be but so big so storage sheds are almost a must. Let’s be honest everyone buys items that are temporary such as games, outgrown clothes, decorations, and more.

Have a new set of dishwater or pots and pans that you are dying to use? You don’t want to throw the old ones away, because why should you. Most people put them in a box, close it up and store it away. But shouldn’t your attic or craw spaces be used to store items you may use more often and they should be easier accessible right? That is where a custom storage shed comes into play, perfect to store many items such as 

  • Gardening Tools
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Outgrown Clothes
  • Old Furniture 
  • Toys

Gardening tools, something everyone has, whether it be a rake to clean up leaves in the yard, a shovel to plant bushes and trees, or a wheel barrel to pick up those pesky branches that clutter the yard. These are items that are mostly cost efficient but not everything is.

For example a riding lawnmower or push mower to keep your yard looking in tip top shape. Perhaps even a snow blower, weed trimmer, and leaf blower. These are all items that cost a significant amount of money and something you count on to operate and dare we say operate well to perform at the caliber you expect. So you don’t want they items sitting outside rusting away and cluttering your yard. A storage shed will protect these items from the elements as well as theft! 

What If I Want Custom Options?

If you can dream it, we can build it! As said above we love to build outside the box designs and truly bring our customers idea’s to life. From taller walls to fit all yours toys like lifted golf carts, taller trucks, and more, it is always a option with Backyard Escapes!

Looking for details that add great curb appeal and touches that differ from your neighbors? Perhaps add timber frame braces, stained to your liking, that will add those subtle touches but make a big difference. Sticking with the timber frame, we offer a timber frame window overhang. Adding this over a pair of windows will draw the eye of others and spark conversation. 

You are not limited to just these options, if you see a design you like or an idea. Send it to us and we are sure to be able to build the dream storage shed you desire! For design idea’s and to spark your creative juices check out our blog posts here

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