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Backyard Tiki Bar

Tiki Bars For Every Function

With plenty of options and elements that will not only enhance the backyard but will spark conversations amongst your friends and family, an amish made tiki bar is there for any need! Custom built to accommodate any need your may have, this structure will be there for your enjoyment season after season. 

Whether you want a modern or rustic look you will be able to customize every aspect of this structure. An outdoor living space is a great way to lure people to the backyard and host the best parties on the block leaving people to ask when you are hosting again. To learn more about this structure, read below or contact us at the bottom to get started on your project. 

Design Your Own Tiki Bar

Backyard Tiki Bar Idea's

Looking for an entertaining space in the backyard? A place for family and friends to gather, laugh and let the conversations roll on all night, well a tiki bar may be the right choice for you. 

A perfect place to watch college football on Saturdays, NFL football on Sundays and Major League Baseball in the summertime. Just about everyone is a sports lover, no matter the sport, we can all agree on one thing, we love to watch it together! 

Perfect space to have cocktails in the evening, an open bar for friends to engage in conversation, laugh and cheer. Perhaps a coffee bar in the mornings to try different tastes and talk about the notes you are experiencing. 

No matter the experience you are trying to grab, you can be sure this structure is there for anything you may throw at it. Complimenting your backyard and existing structures or landscaping, this bar will enhance the outlook of your backyard plus bring years and years of joy to you and your family! 

Why Is A Backyard Tiki Bar A Good Idea?

When considering a structure such as a tiki bar, you may ask why is this a good idea for me to have one in my backyard? Well we may have a few key points as to why you should consider this structure. 

A Great Outdoor Living Space

Are you the one that hosts family and friend gatherings? Christmas parties, Halloween bashes or the occasional St. Patricks Day parties? Perhaps you currently don’t but would like to start having your loved ones over. Well a structure of this stature would greatly enhance the life of the party. We all hate cleaning the house down the the bare bones, burning the elbow grease for days to get your home up to your expectations. 

Having a great backyard will help this indoor problem fade away. Now yes you will still need to clean up the house such as pick up the kids toys, tidy up the kitchen, and pick up the couch pillows but you won’t have to do as much deep scrubbing as if the party was in your house. With a great backyard there is less clean up after the guests leave, less dirt in the house and less stress on you, something everyone needs less of! 

Tiki Bar Idea's

The idea’s are endless, this outdoor space can be so useful. Not just as an adult bar but can solve problems for many types of parties. Coffee bar for non alcoholic drinkers, true bar for those who love the taste of spirits and beers, and for kids parties it can even be transformed!

Backyard Coffee Bar

Studies show that around 75% of Americans drink coffee on a day to day basis, so why not convert this outdoor living space into a coffee themed party! Whether it be based on the sweetness of the creamer, the boldness of the coffee bean when brewed or maybe even call it a brew from around the world. This is a great way to gather with friends and family in the outdoor space you created to enjoy the sparks that are set off, conversations to be, and laugh at the jokes each other are saying for a fun filled evening! 

Bar of Fine Spirits

Now when you think of a tiki bar you automatically think of spirits stocked behind, but it can be more than that! Hold tasting events where you experience the flavors of each distilled spirit and the flavor it produces. Everyone has a favorite, so seek their desired one and hold a party that showcases different varieties such as:

  • Bourbon Bar
  • Tequila Tasting
  • Whiskey Bar
  • Vodka Bar

There is so many spirits to have we couldn’t name them all. Experience the notes from each select variety. Hold a vote to see which spirit is enjoyed the most. Talk amongst your guests on the notes each person is tasting and if they enjoyed it or not. Everyone will enjoy this experience and relax in your backyard oasis you have created. Most likely will ask when the next party will be held! 

Kid's Corner

This space is so versatile, using it for many different family functions. For the kid’s it can be transformed into a castle serving medieval drinks that are fire red from the dragons keep or sharp and tart from sir lance lot’s battle sword. Imagination is a kids super power, don’t be afraid to go out of the box and create a wonderland for them! 

The bar top is great for holding a coloring contest or a place for them to sit and relax. Serving different flavors of cool aide and lemonade!

What Should I Add To My Bar Area?

This outdoor living space has so many options, some we offer and some we can set up for you to ensure an easier experience.

As most of the photos suggest above, a timber frame gable is a stellar option. Adding great curb appeal to your tiki bar and creating a conversation piece that is always going to attract the eye of your guests. Choose the best stain that compliments your landscaping and home to totally set off your backyard!

What would a bar be without an ice maker? Make those frosty cold drinks like a pina colada or a strawberry daiquiri to cool off on those hot summer days. Maybe you need ice for a refreshing glass of tea or lemonade! Why have to constantly run into the house for a necessity? It should be stored right under the bar or in the storage room. To help you along the way, explore our electric package, add reciprocals under the bar to plug in your ice maker or another essential, a blender! Perhaps maybe even on on the back wall add one for a television for those football or baseball games that nobody wants to miss! 

Ready to plan your backyard makeover and get an entertaining spot for your family and friends? Grab idea’s from past customers and builds here!

Enter your information below and tell us the details of your dream tiki bar! 

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