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Incredible Benefits Of Having A Double Car Garage

If you have two cars, then it is advisable to have parking and storage space for both. Generally, a two car garage provides the proper space to store both of your two cars. Also, the walls can serve as a place to store items like bicycles, ladders, gardening tools, trash cans, bin shelving, etc.

Double garages are valuable to any home and are becoming popular in new buildings and residential areas. Double garages were once considered ideal for larger buildings, but now they are frequently incorporated into the building design of many residential homes.

In addition to having many practical day-to-day applications, adding a garage to your home can be a terrific investment. Adding a double-car garage has several advantages. Let’s delve into them.

1. They provide more space.

The main benefit of double garages for homeowners is the increased versatility in garage use. People are using SUVs, trucks, and other large cars more and more frequently. These vehicles can be challenging to fit in a single-car garage. When using a double garage, you can park your car in the center, giving you plenty of room to go on each side. This means you”ll have more room to load, clean, make repairs, and move around within your car.

Also, if there is a new driver in the family, you won’t have to worry about them banging the garage door with the mirrors. Also, the garage will allow you to park two vehicles, as well as you have flexibility in how you position them.

For instance, if you have a larger car and a smaller one, you can always park the larger one, so it extends past the middle of the garage. Due to the space between them, operating two single garage doors is more difficult.

2. It protects your car from extreme weather

No matter where you live, it would be best to deal with harsh weather conditions that can damage your car. But if you had the option, why would you keep it in the driveway when you could store it in a garage, allowing the heat and snow to reduce its longevity or general performance?

Consider your one or two-car garage as premium insurance for your vehicle(s) and the assurance that it is protected from Mother Nature’s most extreme weather changes, whether it is raining or shining!

3. You get more storage space

Your two car garage serves more than simply as a spot to park your car when you go inside for the evening. It may be anything you want it to be, from your yoga studio or workshop to a location for your children to enjoy their favorite games. A two-car garage is a popular option if you have one vehicle because it will provide you with the necessary space and level of vehicle safety.

Use old milk crates and boxes to store your camping gear and keep it up and out of the way for the bulk of the year when you aren’t using it to squeeze even more room out of your garage by filling them with nuts and bolts, keeping them on shelves along your wall.
Turn your robust garage building into a play area for your kids if you want a creative way to use it (and don’t even need it to store your car)! Bring in blocks, dollhouses, and games that are set up and ready for your kids to have fun with, and feel free to get creative and paint the walls if you like. You may also leave them as is.

4. Boost your curb appeal.

A double garage increases a house’s worth by up to 20%. Many things can be done with the extra space, and this addition to your property gives your home an immediate value boost. A variety of double garage designs use premium materials, adding to their aesthetic value and capacity to raise a property’s curb appeal. A two-car garage is a wise, long-term investment if you want to increase the value of your home and instantly improve curb appeal.

5. Double garage can make your garage more light-filled.

More and more people are turning their garages into additional rooms, whether a home office, gym, guest bedroom, or anything else. They frequently garage doors with glass to allow the most natural light for garage conversions. A glass garage is ideal if you choose this route because it lets more light into the garage.

You can choose a garage door with a row of windows made of wood, steel, fiberglass, or vinyl if glass garage doors are not your thing or aren’t suitable for your area. This improves the interior lighting of your garage while enabling you to take advantage of the improved insulation provided by these other garage door materials.

6. An extra living space

If your double garage has any extra space, you can easily use it as additional living quarters. Some homeowners even decide to turn their garages into gyms, utility rooms, or even a home office. It is also simple to transform into a social area for gatherings and parties, a guest bedroom, or a studio that can be rented out to generate additional revenue.

7. It will save you money.

If you choose to go with our modular garage this option will save you a great deal of money from a regular stick built garage. The modular design comes in two sections then is merged together on site to complete a seamless building. This option is growing is popularity every year and homeowners love the price!

Final thoughts

The fact is that purchasing a two car garage that has room for all of your vehicles is in your best interest. You will benefit from it now and in the future should you decide to sell your property. To read more, check out our prefab garages page, or our other blogs such as “what is a modular garage and what makes them cheaper?” and “James Hardie two story garage.

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