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Horse run in shed

Amazing Reasons To Invest In A Horse Run-In Shed

If you own horses at your home, you definitely always want the best for them. You want to ensure they are well-fed and protected from the elements by getting them a good shelter. Instead of getting them a horse barn, you can invest in a horse run in shed. A horse shed is open on one side unlike an enclosed barn.

The placement of a horse shed next to a pasture enables your horses to rest inside or roam free outside as they like. Even before they were tamed, horses were allowed to roam freely in the meadows. They spent all their time with their herd since they were sociable animals.

Their bodies are made to graze throughout the day while being active and moving around continuously. Currently, it’s normal practice to confine horses to their barn stalls by themselves. Although it might be more practical for their owners, a horse’s health may suffer because it is not in their nature. Conversely, a horse shed can be good for your horse’s general health.

If you are still not convinced why you should invest in a horse run in, here are reasons that will prompt you to do so.

1. A horse shed can protect your horse from the elements

In a horse shed, your horses can find refuge from the chilly winter winds, snow, and rain. Your horses can get shade from the sun in the summer. A horse shed won’t need to be enclosed entirely because horses can withstand heat and cold far better than humans.

2. It gives room for exercise

Horses are made to lead active lives, as already explained. The regular movement of the wild horses on the meadows kept them strong and healthy. Today’s horses can have various health problems due to being confined to a stall all day. These problems include digestion problems, obesity, and porous bones.

On the other hand, a run in shed allows your horses to explore the pasture freely, simulating the environment of wild grassland. They can enter and exit the horse shed anytime, galloping through the pasture or napping. Your horses’ general fitness improves as a result.

3. Improve the mental health of your horse

Like human beings, horses can experience anxiety and other mental health issues if they are overly confined and do not exercise. Horses are highly sociable animals, which makes them even more prone to mental illness if kept alone. Horses who have been stalled are more likely to exhibit disruptive, repeated behavior, such as cribbing.

4. Protect against pesky bugs

While horses are out in the field in the summer, flies and other insects might irritate them. But, instead of being in the horse shed, these insects choose to be outside in the sweltering sun. Your horses will have a place to retreat whenever the insects get too much by having a horse shed that they can enter and exit at pleasure.

5. A horse shed offers fire protection

Barn fire is pretty common even though nobody likes to think about it. Have you thought about the potential horse trap that an enclosed horse barn could pose? But entrapment is not a possibility with a run-in shed.

6. They allow your horse to breathe

The open wall of a horse run in shed offers better ventilation than barns and horse stalls, which can become stuffy. Proper ventilation is essential for critical health reasons in addition to relieving stuffiness. Bacterial growth, mold development, and dust amplification are all caused by inadequate ventilation. They are all potentially awful for your horse’s health.

7. Help in maintain the healthiest diet possible for your horse.

Consider both how you feed and the food you provide your horses if you want to give them a healthy diet. Horses require a balanced diet but also enjoy nibbling or grazing constantly; thus, their feeding arrangements should allow for this. They can only digest a tiny amount of food at a time because of their small stomachs. Grass-eating is horses’ nature.

Therefore, the best general nourishment for your horses will come from pasture grass, though occasionally, you may need to supplement their diet based on their particular
needs. Your horse can graze in the pasture whenever they want, thanks to a horse shed, which allows them to acquire the best nutrition for their bodies while continuously grazing.

8. An equine shed provides storage

With a run-in shed, you’ll get extra space to store supplies. Which horse owner wouldn’t benefit from having additional space for their stuff? It is also possible to store feed, but be sure to take every precaution to keep rodents out. Adding a tack room to your run in barn will let you store all the items you need!

9. A horse run in is pretty much affordable

Nobody likes to spend more money than is required. Fortunately, a high-quality horse shed is more affordable than you may imagine- much less than the price of a brand-new horse barn. And your horse will enjoy all the advantages mentioned above! What are you waiting for? Get your horse a run in barn  now.

10. Use the horse barn to provide containment.

A horse could occasionally require medical attention from a vet. Use the run-in to contain your horse while receiving treatment. Keeping the other horses outside and out of your way while tending to the ill horse is also a good idea.

11. Fewer tasks for owners

Owners will work less when their horses are kept in run-in sheds. Horses can spend more time outside in the paddock, saving you time from having to muck out the stalls. They spend the day exploring the outdoors, so they get all the exercise they require. Owners can spend more time feeding and loving their horses because they spend less time on maintenance.

Wrapping it up

Now that you have explored the reasons to invest in a horse run in shed, you can see that it’s worthwhile. Now you can go ahead and purchase the ideal horse barn for your horse. However, it would be best to do thorough research to get a robust shed that will give you value for your money, check out our horse barns and run in’s here!

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