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What Is a Modular Garage?

What Is a Modular Garage and What Makes Them Cheaper?

So you are in the market for a new garage for your new fast sports car or perhaps a classic car/truck, maybe even just for extra storage that you will occasionally park your cars in. Then you have most likely seen a modular garage as an option. Let’s discuss what exactly it is as well as the elements it brings!


Modular Garages v.s  Stick Built Garages

So what exactly are the differences between a modular garage and a stick built garage. This is something you may not know if you are not in a construction line of work. Let’s go over the two!

Why Build a Modular Garage?

Custom Built Modular GarageModular garages have their pros and cons, some may not worry about the cons but some may swing more towards the stick built. What makes a modular is the way it is delivered and assembled.

These garages are built in our shop in Lancaster PA and trucked to their destination. Now it is not as simple as it sounds, often times customers change the roof pitches or make it a 2 story garage which requires the roof to be hinged and adds a extra few minutes on the assembly.

Let’s say you purchased a 24×24 garage, as a modular this garage would come in two 24 feet sections. Once our driver got to your property the two sections would then be set in place as close together as possible. Our crew would then arrive and finish the set up, meaning you would have a brand new garage in as little as half a day! Making the install time as smooth and quick as possible decreasing the price of the building. Some customers make half the garage a studio or home office shed and others use both sections as a garage!

Now the biggest con to this garage is the ability to customize every aspect. Now you can customize a bunch of aspects to this garage but some you can only customize a small amount of includes, the height of the sidewalls due to having to take this garage down the road. Also the sizes, this garage can only come at a maximum width of fourteen feet wide sections making the total width twenty eight feet wide.

Stick Built Garages Bring The Dream To Life

Custom Built Stick Built GaragesYes you read that correctly, a stick built garage gives you, the customer, the power to create anything you’d like! While a stick built garage will be more than a modular, you have the ability to customize every aspect of your dream garage.

A modular will be assembled in the shop and a majority of the construction process will already be done. For a stick built, the only thing we do in the shop will be minimal, such as cut any rafters, headers, studs, braces, stairways, any aspects that will eliminate time on site.

Similar to a modular garage, a stick built we can build fairly quickly as well. For smaller sizes such as 20×20 we can build in about a day without any interruptions such as weather. For larger garages such as 30×40 and 40×40, depending how detailed they are, we can usually build around a weeks time.

How Does The Order Process Work?

The order process is similar for both garage types. The time line from order date to build date can vary based on material time frames, how long your county takes, getting plans, and more. Let’s lay out a basic process on how the ordering process goes!

  1. We will lay out a basic size with the options you desire and get a quote over to you quickly for you to consider
  2. Once you give us the go ahead we will plan out where you would like your options on your structure such as windows, dormers, stairway, doors, etc.
  3. Once we have the placement of the options we will send the drawing to our architect who will draw up plans for you to turn into your county that will show every aspect of the building you designed to turn into your county for approval!
  4. While the county is approving the drawings we will send you the concrete measurements for your garage to give to your mason. We can suggest a mason to you if we have a partner in your area!
  5. Once the plans are approved and your foundation is done we will schedule a date for the install
  6. On the install date we will arrive and get started on building your garage! The build can take as short as a day to as long as a week or two, just depends on the complexity of your garage!


Ready to get started on your dream garage or man cave? Contact us and let’s talk about your desired size and features, the sky is the limited when building with Backyard Escapes!


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