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What You Should Know Before Buying a Greenhouse

If you are into gardening, you know how important it is to have a greenhouse- a greenhouse can help you maximize your garden’s productivity. What’s more, greenhouses for sale can be used in so many ways other than for farming. Some people use greenhouses for parties and entertainment.

But whichever way you use your greenhouse, you must choose one that suits your needs and budget. But with so many options available in the market in various designs, prices, and sizes, selecting a suitable greenhouse can be challenging. Thankfully, we are here for you. This guide discusses the most important things you must consider when purchasing a greenhouse. Let’s delve into them.

1. Functionality

Evaluate your reasons for having a greenhouse. Then, decide on a kit or plan your specifications based on your needs. You might extend your harvesting season by erecting a tiny cold greenhouse over your garden to trap heat and shield your outdoor garden from the weather. You”ll need something sizable, weatherproof, and perhaps even supported with supplementary heating for a greenhouse that will be the permanent home to numerous enormous tropical plants.

Or perhaps it’s more about building a haven where you can unwind and spend time with your plants than it is about what you’re cultivating. You might wish to create a lovely retreat where you can relax and perhaps even host visitors while you sip your morning coffee. If so, you should probably give size and appearance greater attention. Knowing why you want to create a greenhouse will help you pick the ideal design because there are many good options.

2. Size

The number of crops you intend to grow and the amount of garden area you have available will determine the size of the greenhouse for sale you choose. Choose a large greenhouse, such as our 12- foot wide greenhouse, if you have a sizable garden and intend to use it frequently all year. However, a 8- foot wide greenhouse should give you more than enough room for your needs if you’re just getting started with greenhouses.

You may always improve later if necessary. Of course, you’ll need to ensure you have enough space to easily access and care for your greenhouse. It’s a good idea to leave at least a wheelbarrow’s width between the sides of your greenhouse and any neighboring walls, hedges, fencing, and trees, except for lean-to greenhouses. This provides space to
clean the glazing, treat the wood (if necessary), and perform any necessary repairs. Keep in mind that vents and doors must be able to open completely.

3. Where you intend to position the greenhouse

It’s crucial to be sure that you’re installing a permanent greenhouse structure in the ideal location for your plants to thrive all year long if you’re investing in one. Make sure your greenhouse is situated where there is lots of sunlight, ideally for the bulk of the day. Your greenhouse must receive natural light throughout the day to provide the plants with the best growing conditions. Moreover, try to locate a flat place free of surface water.

Consider directing the roof’s ridge in the east-west direction if you plan to utilize your greenhouse throughout the year to maximize light during the shorter days. Have your ridge run north-south if you only intend to use the greenhouse in the spring and summer so that both sides will receive roughly equal quantities of sunlight. However, if you can’t orient your garden this way, don’t worry too much; home greenhouses are rarely big enough to be negatively impacted.

Although it may be tempting to tuck your greenhouse down in a well-protected spot, we advise leaving at least 2 feet of room around your greenhouse. This protects your greenhouse from chilly winds and offers you plenty of room to wander around the entire greenhouse. This area is crucial if you ever need to replace a pane of glass or come to clean the glass.

4. The durability of the building material

Be sure that when searching for greenhouses for sale you are purchasing a structure constructed from high-quality materials. Wood and glass are just some materials that may be used to build greenhouses. It would be great if your greenhouse is made of sturdy materials if you want a strong structure that’ll last for years. Most modern greenhouses feature exterior made of timber or Azek. Azek is a material that can withstand the harsh conditions of the outdoors. Designed to never rot, crack, fade, or swell, azek is the ideal material for constructing a greenhouse.

5. Aesthetics

Your greenhouse’s appearance can be your primary concern, or you might not consider it. The health of your plants won’t be impacted by aesthetics, but it is something to consider. Even if you’re an avid gardener who wants to design a comfortable environment for your plants to thrive, you must remember that this building will be in your backyard for a considerable time.

When constructing your greenhouse, you might not have given aesthetics much thought, but if you choose an incredibly ugly design, you might regret your decision after staring at it for a year or two.

6. Your budget

What does the budget for your greenhouse look like? Will it be a limiting element, or is it very flexible? One of the most straight forward but crucial rules to establish at the outset is budget. Finding a greenhouse for sale with a lower price tag can entail looking for one that is smaller or constructed of less expensive materials. Robust glass greenhouses may appear bulky and costly, but glass is maintenance-free and will last a lifetime.

On the other hand, polycarbonate or polyethylene coverings may be initially less expensive, but they will eventually decay and need to be replaced. If you reside in a cold climate, opt for a well-insulated greenhouse. Although purchasing cheap greenhouses for sale could initially save you money, they rarely turn out to be worthwhile because they are
poorly insulated and come apart rapidly. Remember that any additional heating will result in a cost to you in the form of an electricity bill.

Check out our prefab greenhouses for sale and see which one fits you the most! Also check out our other blog “what is a greenhouse shed and why do I need one?” Any questions you may have will be answered by leaving your email below!


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