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How To Get The Most Out Of A Small Chicken Coop

Are you just getting into raising chickens in the backyard? Perhaps you just have a small flock? Just because you have either doesn’t mean a small chicken coop has to be boring and basic. In this blog we are going to go over how to turn small chicken coops into interesting and cute coops.

The best small chicken coops for sale

Our chicken coops are made to serve your egg producing needs for many years to come. As they are more than big box store coops we make up for that in the quality. While big box store chicken coops serve their purpose for 2-3 years our coops are built to outmatch the debris and harshness chickens dish out to a coop. As well as protecting your chickens with the most secure chicken coop on the market.

So let’s go over how to turn small chicken coops into a cuter and more functional house to bring ease and less stress on you!

Clean out chicken litter easier

chicken coop floor option

One of the best options to add to your chicken coop is the epoxy floor. Adding this option relieves some of the stress and hassle of raising chickens to make your life just a little easier. This surface provides a non stick surface so the chicken manure and debris does not stick or stain your chicken coops floor. Making your coop stay beautiful for years and years to come. Even better, this floor option stretches to the nesting boxes for even better coverage. This option is a great addition to any chicken coop size but is especially great for new chicken raisers!

Add extra coop ventilation

chicken coop ventilation optionAdding ventilation to your coop is key for you and your chickens. No one wants to open the door and have the strong smell of manure launch to their nose as well as you chickens need fresh air. While all of our coops come standard with a drop vent, add this chicken mesh door for added ventilation. This door is an insert that fits inside the entry door of your coop.

It’s great for two reasons, one obviously for great ventilation and a full open span for nice air circulation. Also great so you can open the door without the worry your chickens will sprint out and free themselves from the coop unprotected. The door is made with the same chicken wire we use in our chicken coop runs so it is strong, sturdy, and you won’t have to worry about the chickens pecking through the wire! This is a great addition to a small chicken coop.

Add a chicken coop run area

Chicken Coop with Run AreaFor coops that don’t have a run area, adding one is very beneficial to you and your chickens! Leaving them with a sound peace at mind that your chickens are safe, secure, and comfortable in their coop. protect them from predators such as foxes and even dogs that come into your yard periodically. A run area can come in many sizes and styles to find the best one for you. Pictured to the left is a 6×6 dutch style coop with a 7x6x3 detached run area. Just because you see a coop without a run you love doesn’t mean you can’t add one! Add this to your small chicken coop and rest assured your chickens will be safe at all times.


Add a stylish cupola to your coop

Chicken coop with cupola and weathervane Make your small chicken coop even cuter by adding the cherry on top, a cupola with a chicken weathervane! Giving the perfect country and rustic feel to your coop a cupola is a very popular addition. Everybody wants to create a chicken coop that draws everyones attention and impresses them every time they look at it. Well adding a cupola will do just that!

Coming in many sizes to fit your size coop the best, this is always an option to consider. Especially for small chicken coops, this option adds that extra touch to set it apart from an average coop.


Final Thoughts

When considering a chicken coop whether it is big or small consider these additions. For a small chicken coop these options can come in handy especially for new people that just started raising chickens. Check out all of our chicken coops here or contact us below with your questions and design idea’s!


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