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What are Pool Houses and Why You Need One In Your Outdoor Living Space

Over the past few years, custom pool houses have become popular as backyard retreat additions. Built to complement small or large swimming pools, pool houses can be customized to meet the style, size, and scope of any homeowner’s project. Pool houses are not only places to relax, they help to provide more year-round entertainment rooms, especially during summer. Before we delve into why you need a pool house, let’s first define what a pool house is.

What is a pool house?

A pool house is an independent structure positioned close to your pool and is separate from your main house. Even though it is part of this construction’s name, don’t get it all wrong: a pool house is not meant as a living space or guest room. The pool house differs from other outdoor structures, such as a cabana or pergola that are permanent, has walls, and is not a tent-like structure that can be moved or disassembled.

The purpose of a pool house is to store pool toys and supplies and provide a place for families and guests to change into or out of their swimwear. A pool house can store additional towels, lounge chairs, and umbrellas in addition to pool cleaning and maintenance equipment. Some pool houses even feature a bathroom that a guest may use while enjoying the pool, preventing them from tracking water into the house. The size of a pool house can vary significantly based on the available property area and the size
of the house it is attached to. With that said, let’s explore the top reasons you need a pool house.

Why you need a poolhouse in your outdoor living space

1. Additional storage space

Storage is the most obvious reason many homeowners construct an additional structure on their property. In contrast to a poorly constructed shed, the storage space supplied by a pool house is more refined. A traditional shed is quite useful but it lacks the emphasis on the design that a formal pool house possesses.

In addition, storage is rarely the sole reason for constructing a pool house. Some individuals choose smaller pool house designs that emphasize storage. Nonetheless, the money invested in an additional finished structure is typically better spent on a multipurpose room. So, homeowners have the pleasure of knowing that all of their belongings are housed in a spacious closet, as opposed to a dimly lighted shed stuffed with equipment. This separation allows you to enjoy a pool house’s additional backyard functions.

2. Keep your swimming pool equipment safe.

Pool equipment is pricey. To make matters worse, pool equipment can be weak and susceptible to damage from the environment. Having a secure location to store pool equipment during the off-season is a lifesaver. Snow or ice can rapidly damage a filter or pump, necessitating repair or replacement.

During the summer, pool equipment stored in a pool house is protected from storms, wind, and precipitation. Longer-lasting pool equipment is equipment that is shielded from the environment. This results in less costly repairs or replacements that must be paid out of pocket. In the long run, this means more money in your pocket and assurance that your investment is safe.

3. An extra washroom

If you’ve ever needed to pee during a swim session, you’re familiar with the difficulty of drying off and making the long journey to the nearest indoor bathroom. It is a nuisance at best. Worst case scenario, it’s a reason enough for you or your visitors to skip a trip. A well-designed pool house provides the possibility for an extra, hassle-free bathroom at arm’s reach to fix this issue.

The cost of a pool house with a bathroom exceeds that of a comparable structure without plumbing. The price of the pool house unit can be increased by $10,000 to$20,000 on average. These changes are based on the structure’s location and design or construction. Yet, the majority of homeowners would view this expenditure as worthwhile. This is especially true after realizing the utility and convenience of an immediately accessible washroom.

4. An added changing room

To use the restroom while wearing a drenched swimsuit is a nuisance. The same can be stated about switching from a wet swimsuit to dry clothes. Wrapping yourself in a towel as you shiver through a couple of floors is not exactly appealing. This issue is resolved by the availability of additional changing space that a pool house provides. Add cubbies to your space for more functionality. Your guests will appreciate having a place to store their shoes and change without entering the house.

And the best part, a pool house with changing rooms incurs no additional expenses beyond the design of the building itself. Aside from a few built-ins and a well-considered storage arrangement, no piping or costly installations are required to maximize functionality.

5. An additional living space

This pool house provides you with an extra living space you can use whichever way you want. You can use this space to host your guests, especially if it is equipped with a guest room, bathroom, or kitchenette. What’s more, you can even add a home gym to one of the rooms.

This is particularly ideal if you love working out but don’t like the idea of driving all the way to the gym. You can equip your home gym with a treadmill, yoga mat, weights, etc., and you are good to go.

So, if you have been looking for a way to add functional living space to your property but cannot build an addition or renovate your main house, a pool house would be ideal in that case. Just ensure that the contractor of your choice checks your area’s or county’s building codes, so you are not breaking any laws before you start constructing your pool house. Check out more of our blogs such as “Why a poolhouse is a necessity for swim area’s” or “A custom tiki bar for poolside refreshments.”

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