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Dog kennel for large size dog

Perfect Backyard dog kennel for two Dogs

Explore our outdoor dog kennels for two dogs and see which one fits your needs and furry friend the best! 

Our Kennels for 2 Dogs

Our dog kennels for two dogs provide a safe and secure area your dog can enjoy. Choose between a finished or unfinished interior to see which kennel fits your budget the best! Our double dog kennels come fully assembled and ready to go upon the completion of delivery, no hassle or stress from you. Shop our customizable kennels for two dogs and bring a comfortable home for two dogs to your backyard! 

dog kennel for two dogs

The 8×14 is our cheaper style kennel for two dogs. This structure has two separate doors out of the back to access the interior portion of kennel. 

kennel for two dogs

The 8×16 is the best dog kennel for two dogs. Consisting of a feed room , which allows you to enter the interior without have to interact with the dogs!

Options for a Dog Kennel for Two Dogs

Fencing Options

Climate Control Options

Wash Down Options

Explore Our Financing Options

No matter the situation, we have a financing option that fits your needs! Explore our no credit check rent to own financing option or our traditional financing for your dog kennel for two dogs. Only takes minutes to apply to get your dog kennel journey started! 

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