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Dog Kennel Climate Control Options

Comfortable and Happy Dogs

Promote a stress free environment for your dogs by controlling the indoor environment around them. In turn this reduces the amount of barking, chewing, and more. We offer a variety of climate control options to keep your dogs at ease while they are in the kennel. In addition we include many insulation features standard so ensure your kennel will be ready to use and control the indoors efficiently.

Standard Options

Spray Foam Insulation

R-13 closed cell spray foam insulation is installed in the floor for noise reduction and for climate control.

Batten Insulation

R-13 batten insulation is great for climate control and its fire resistance properties. It also helps dampen the sound!


Ridgevent helps the hot air escape that builds up in the rafters during the summer weather. 

Vented Soffit

Vented soffit helps the rafters breathe much like ridge vent. In addition it helps control the condensation!

Insulation Baffles

Insulation baffles help keep the moisture under control in the kennel, benefiting the durability and lifespan! 

Great Options to Consider

Consider these heating and cooling options to reduce the stress on your dogs while they are in the kennel, and also providing a seamless installation by our professional crew 

Heating and Cooling

Through The Wall Heat/AC

For smaller kennels, a smaller through the wall unit will suffice. We will adjust the BTU’s to match your kennels interior!

Mini Split

For larger kennels, a mini split is a great idea. Installed by our crew and ready to work. Low temperature unit available!

LP Direct Vent

This propane heater is a great option if desire propane use. Various BTU’s available to accommodate most kennels!

Wall Mount Heater

Another great propane heater that mounts directly on the wall, great for smaller kennel use and heats the space nicely! 

Ventilation Options

Ceiling Fan

Disperse the air evenly with a ceiling fan. Perfect for commercial dog kennels with cathedral style ceilings!

Gable Exhaust Fan

Get rid of the nasty smells with an exhaust fan. Choose between a 12″ or 16″ and complete with metal shutters on the exterior

Gable Vent

Perfect for smaller kennels to clear the air of bacteria. A gable vent is a perfect addition for ventilation!

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