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Dog Kennel Fencing and Run Options

Safe and Secure Dog Kennels

Different dog breeds have different strengths. With smaller dogs, you can perhaps choose a lighter gage of fencing while with larger dogs you may need to go with a stronger fencing option. No matter the case, we can accommodate you needs and desires. Check out our fencing and run options for our dog kennels and see which fits you best! 

Fencing Options

2x2 Welded Wire

Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire, 6ga

2x4 Welded Wire

Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire, 6ga

9 Gauge

Chain link panels 

Standard 11.5 Gauge

Chain Link Panels 

Happy Kennel Fronts

Best for small breed, beautiful addition

Stainless Steel

Strong and sturdy custom made fencing

Vinyl Coated Chainlink

Vinyl coated fencing to resist rust 

4' Divider Panels

Keep your dogs from interacting with each other

Great Flooring Options to Consider


Resists rot, fading, and cracking, composite decking is a standard option

Exterior Raised Floor

Raise the exterior floor and add a drain for easier clean up

Raised Interior Floor

Needed to raise the exterior, this allows for increased interior storage 

Tender Footing

Great option to add in addition to the exterior raised floor and drain for easier drainage.

Poly Urea Coated Exterior Floor

Instead of raising the floor, opt to add a poly urea coated exterior floor with a channel drain for easy clean up

Vinyl Coated Wire

A cheaper alternative for the tender footing, however this is harsher on your dogs feet.

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