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Dog Kennel Wash Down Options

Make Cleaning a Dog Kennel a Breeze

Pets make a mess, whether that is from tearing up furniture, toys, or more, but why not take away the hassle of having to constantly maintain their mess? With our wash down solutions, you can make cleaning a piece of cake. Explore these great options and include these into your new kennel for a hassle and stress free kenneling experience. 

Great Options to Consider

Floor Drains

This is a very popular option, this channel drain and plumbing is ready to be hooked up upon delivery. Consider also adding a slopped floor! 

Wash Tub

Adding a wash tub promotes a clean environment, easily wash out dog bowls or your hands without having to leave the kennel! 

Exterior Wash Down

Just as the interior, have a drain on the exterior for waste. Must have raised floors! Also consider our tender footing for easier drainage! 

Exterior Freeze Proof Hose Port

Easily wash down the exterior without having to run a hose from another structure. This freeze proof hose port is a breeze!

Hose Reel

Have your interior hose tidy in the ceiling and off the ground for easy movement on the interior. 

Interior Hose Port

Access hot and cold water for easy interior cleaning, all pipes will be run and ready for hook up! 

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