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Amazing Poolside Bar Ideas You Can Try

If you are looking for a perfect way to enhance your pool area and backyard and make them more elegant and relaxing, you can add a custom pool bar. A pool bar is a tiny outdoor structure designed and placed near the swimming pool. It is the ideal place for serving and enjoying drinks by the people, hosting visitors, and unwinding from the pressures of daily life.

When it comes to pool bars, you can choose from various designs, shapes, and sizes, making it easy for you to get one that suits your needs, requirement, and preferences.

Having a pool bar is the best thing you can do if you have a pool in your backyard. It will save you the headache of going back and forth to your main house to grab drinks.

Before we delve into pool bar ideas you can try, let’s explore the benefits of having custom pool bars.

  •  Entertainment space
    A pool bar is ideal for entertaining guests, whether holding a little family get-together or a sizable backyard BBQ. Your pool bar will become the go-to location for all your gatherings because of its comfortable seating and relaxed ambiance.
  •  Relaxation
    Need to unwind from the pressures of everyday life? The ideal location to unwind is at your pool bar, with a chilled beverage and a good book. It is a tranquil paradise that is constantly close to your pool or back door.
  •  Convenience
    As already stated, having a pool bar by your pool offers great convenience. You can stock it with all kinds of drinks of your choice. This way, you won’t need to move back and forth from the house to take drinks.
  • Protection from the sun
    Since a pool bar is a structure, you can be sure it can protect you from the sun’s harsh rays. You can relax while sipping your favorite drinks as you escape the sun. This is especially important for those people that live in areas that experience extreme sunlight.
  • Fun
    Let’s face it, having a bar in your backyard is just plain enjoyable. If you have a pool bar, you’ll always have a place to host impromptu gatherings and unwind with friends.
  • It can help increase the value of your home.
    Last but not least, even though not many people know this, adding a custom pool bar can assist in raising the value of your home. This is particularly crucial if you plan to sell your house soon. Your home will look more appealing to prospective buyers thanks to the pool bar, and it might even draw high-end purchasers who are ready to spend more.


Poolside bar ideas you can try

Here are pool bar ideas worth trying

1. Choose a stand-alone design

The key to stand-alone custom pool bar concepts is flexibility. You should consider this if you rent your home. You can include additions that are independent of the primary structure. They are not built-in, so you may transfer places in the garden and take them with you.

This bar design creates a distinctive drinking area with choices for dining or garden seating. To make a cozy atmosphere, add lighting and potted plants.

2. Add a floating shelf.

You can make your tiny pool bar concept as complicated or simple as possible. If a Tiki theme isn’t your cup of tea or you don’t have enough room to store a major item that you might only use for a few months, install a floating shelf. This can be close to a pizza oven or a grilling area. It offers an additional space where visitors can assist themselves with alcohol. You don’t have to place everything on the shelf, even though there is one. Most drinks can be kept chilled at home in the refrigerator.

3. Coordinate with your seating area.

You can combine the structure of your pool bar with your garden furniture to create an elegant outdoor area. Your pool bar theme will dictate the type of seating you use there. A visually pleasing connection between the two rooms is made by giving the exterior of the bar counter and the lounge area a gray color. It promotes movement and interaction.

4. Create that luxurious look.

If you can’t go to the beach, bring the beach home. An oceanfront tiki bar with a seasonal theme can give a touch of luxury. It illuminates the covered seating area with LED lights, bamboo sheets, and a straw ceiling.

Naturally, you won’t spot celebrities like it would be on a tropical five-star vacation, but the cocktails, however, are significantly less pricey and just as excellent.

5. Use rope lighting to illuminate the bar.

Rope lighting is a common component in movies and music videos. With such a bar concept, you immediately feel like being in a show. This seems to be a feature of a hipster bar, and it’s a great idea to use it as inspiration for the typical pool bar.

6. Add a small kitchen to the pool bar.

A pool bar and an outdoor kitchen with all the amenities can be a winning combination. It enhances your pleasure to have a BBQ outside. The kitchen and cold beverages are at the heart of the design.

While food being is prepared, guests may still converse with one another while smelling the delectable food. Nothing beats the feeling of enjoying mouthwatering dishes after a session of swimming.

Final thoughts

Having a pool bar is the perfect thing you can do to boost the functionality of your pool. It will also add curb appeal to your backyard. You can choose any design of your choice from the above ideas. Remember that investing in a custom pool bar is a worthy investment that you can never go wrong about.

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