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Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Small Garage

A small garage such as a single car garage can restrict a homeowner’s ability to effectively utilize this vital space. A garage is mostly used for two purposes. They offer parking and storage spaces. Even if your garage is small, you do not have to pick between these two functions. It is possible to get the best of both worlds with a bit of creativity and smart space utilization. We have prepared some helpful tricks and recommendations to help you maximize your little garage.

What garage dimensions makes a small garage?

The majority of individuals would consider a “small garage” as one that can accommodate one or two vehicles. A small garage, often a single-car garage, usually measures about 10×18, 12×20, or 12×24. So, how can you get the most out of your small garage? Let’s find out!

1. Utilize wall space

If your garage is too small for your needs, the solution may be to undertake a building project to enlarge it or to relocate to a home with a larger garage. In many cases, such harsh steps can be avoided if you maximize the storage space in your small garage. Installing a slatwall storage system incorporating hanging accessories and PVC wall panels is one of the greatest small garage ideas.

Slatwall is preferable to pegboard because it is more durable, easier to clean, provides more storage options, and can support heavier loads. The ornamental usefulness of slatwall offers garage interiors a more polished appearance. With a slatwall storage solution that allows majority of objects stored in a garage to be hung, garage floor clutter is no more. Sports equipment, yard and hand tools, motorcycles, ladders, etc., can be kept
tidy and grouped together. Wall-mounted tire racks are another wall storage solution that will free up garage floor space occupied by an extra set of tires.

2. Utilize your ceiling space.

Another form of excellent vertical storage system for a garage is overhead storage racks. Not all small garages have enough ceilings to accommodate storage racks, but if yours does, you should definitely use the unused overhead space that is now being wasted.

The presence of bulky goods such as patio furniture, plastic storage bins, spare tires, and items you don’t frequently use on a garage floor might determine whether a vehicle can be parked within a small garage or must be parked in the driveway. Select storage racks that can support a substantial amount of weight and are safely affixed to your walls and ceiling. Investing in racks constructed of high-quality steel with a powder-coated finish can prevent rusting and make them last much longer.

3. Install a car lift in your garage to increase space

Today, many households have two vehicles. If your home has a single-car garage, you need a viable option for storing both cars overnight. In this situation, a car lift may be the optimal solution. The height of your garage will determine whether or not a car lift can be installed in your garage. Depending on the height at which your garage doors open, you may need a high lift conversion to alter the door opening height.

The majority of residential garages utilize a 2-post or 4-post car lift. You should choose the four-post model when employing a car lift as a parking solution. A 2-post car lift, on the other hand, is suitable for individuals who prefer to maintain their own vehicles
or who like auto repair as a hobby. The 4-post car lift will enable a vehicle to be driven onto a ramp and lifted high enough to allow another vehicle to fit underneath it. This parking option is ideal and boosts the functionality of any single-car garage. Consult a local garage building or garage remodeling company about putting a car lift in your small garage.

4. Select the right cabinets for your small garage.

Consider having cabinets in your small garage to provide additional storage space. Occasionally it can be difficult to find cabinets fitting into the available area.
If your garage is relatively deep, installing cabinets on the far wall is typically better.

Typically, this is preferable to putting them along the side walls. With limited room, take accurate measurements to purchase or order the correct sizes. Even a small cabinet will make a difference when you need to arrange and clear out space. A highly practical room can be created with only a cabinet containing a single stack of drawers, some cabinet doors, and perhaps a tiny countertop.

You may have several options regarding the materials to use in constructing these cabinets. Spending a bit more on quality cabinets, such as those built from steel, is worthwhile. Rather than saving a little money today on a substandard product that won’t stand the test of time, get the steel.

5. Declutter your small garage.

Reducing the amount of non-essential goods (popularly known as clutter) stored in a garage would seem to be a simple method to increase the space’s functionality.  Every square foot is vital in a small garage, so broken appliances, old furniture, leftover building supplies you’re not sure you’ll ever use, and obsolete garden tools you replaced years ago have no place there. It is pointless to park expensive cars you frequently drive outside while storing rubbish you haven’t touched in years in the garage.


Even if you have a small garage, you can still make the most out of it and enjoy its functionality. You can achieve this by installing wall and ceiling storage spaces, a car lift, and decluttering your small garage. We hope that these tips can help you maximize your single-car garage space. Check out more of our blogs such as “buying a prefab garage, important factors to consider” or “Incredible benefits of having a double car garage

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