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Amish Portable Garages

Are you looking for a building that not only adds style to the backyard but can also hold all your toys? Well an amish built garage may be exactly what you are looking for. 

We all have big toys whether it be a nice lawn mower, ATV, sport or classic car, or maybe even a motorcycle, we all enjoy having fun them. 

So why leave them sitting out in the sun baking and deteriorating when they could be locked up, secure, and covered in a quality built garage?

amish built garages for sale

Looking For "Prefab Garages Near Me?"

No matter if you are looking for a two story garage near me or a single story garage for sale, here at Backyard Escapes we have just what you are looking for! Custom design your own to fit your landscaping, needs, and functionality! 

When looking for a prefab garage near me think about the quality of the garage. When storing expensive items such as cars, ATV’s or even a grass cutter it is better to be safe than sorry. Trust our amish craftsmen to build the perfect garage that meets your budget and need! 

2 story garage ideas

Single Car Garages

Looking for a single car garage for sale? Our amish built garages are built to take anything you throw at it. Customize yours to match your house, landscaping or some customers even choose to match their special vehicle!

modular garages for sale
Modular 2 car garages for sale built by skilled amish craftsmen in the heart of Lancaster Pennsylvania

2 Car Garages

Perfect for a his and her bay, our 2 car garages for sale are a great choice. Coming in many sizes and styles, and customization is always welcome! This amish built detached garage will compliment your home and add a great amount of property value to your home!

Build A Detached Garage

amish built garages

A detached garage is more than just car storage, it’s functionality stretches far past that. You can use this space as a workshop to work on cars or motors if you love to do so, possibly a man cave or she shed to hangout with friends and family.

If you do choose to use this space for vehicles, build it accordingly. Make the garage doors proportionate to your vehicles height. For example if you have a boat, built your detached garage to fit your boat in there without taking down the roof canopy. Our prebuilt garages for sale are fully customizable so you can tailor your garage to fit your needs and desires.

because after all this is going to be a space where you could potentially spend a fair amount of time in. So take some time customizing your dream garage!

Why Do I Need A Backyard Garage?

When asking yourself if a backyard garage for sale is really worth it? Well yes it is! As said above, a garage can be used for many purposes, this space can bring a whole new functionality  to your property. But as for the main reason a garage, it brings many benefits with it. 

  • Vehicle Storage: Nothing is worse than spending your hard earn cash on a vehicle just to let it sit outside. A prebuilt garage protects your vehicle(s) from theft, deterioration, and from harsh weather conditions. Keeping your investment in pristine condition! 
  • Storage Space: Aside from storing vehicles, a detached garage can be used as extra space to get your “junk” out of your house. Add shelving and lofts to maximize space.
  • Work Space: Not using your garage for vehicles? Convert your outdoor garage into a wood working shop to progress your hobby, or even a mechanic garage. The possibilities are endless to express your passion in this space
  • Convenience: Wouldn’t it be nice to walk to your vehicle without having to brave the rain, snow, or wind while your hands are full? With a backyard garage you can load or unload your car without the pain Mother Nature gives out!

Gather Garage Idea's

Single Car Garage

Our single car garages are a very popular backyard addition. These fully assembled garages are perfect for a car, or multiple ATV’s depending on the size while still leaving room for a work bench or storage bins! 

Single Story Modular Garage

Our modular garages are an affordable two car option. With just as much customization available as a regular garage these are a great choice. Available with or without a floor depending on your allotted budget, consider this option for a backyard garage!

Modular 2 car garages

Two Story Modular Garage

Need more space than just a single story? Thank a two story garage may be the right choice for you. A modular two story garage for sale is a bit more affordable than a stick built garage while still offering a fair amount of customization! 

Build On Site Garage

This style garage offers the upmost amount of customization. A build on site garage is compared to building a house, you can include whatever element you desire! Match your house to the “T” and build your dream garage from scratch!

Build on site garage for sale

Modular Garages For Sale

Our modular garages offer plenty of customizations. Match your home, landscaping or existing backyard structures so they all compliment each other and blend. A modular garage is much cheaper than a build on site, be sure to check them out! 

Build on site garage
Amish built 3 car modular garage. Custom built to match your home or existing structures!

Build On Site Garages For Sale

Looking for a garage where you can build it from the ground up? Well then a build on site garage is just what you are looking for. Much like building a house a garage from Backyard Escapes gives you the power to bring your dream into reality! 

How To Choose The Best Garage For Sale

garages for sale near me
With Backyard Escapes, you have the luxury of customizing your detached garage to the exact specs you'd like!
detached garages for sale
Choose from various custom options to set off your backyard garage and become a show stopper!

When deciding which garage to build there are serval factors to consider such as:

  • What is my budget?
  • What size do I need?
  • How many garage doors do I want?
  • Should I choose a modular garage or a stick built garage?
  • Do I need a lot of windows?

With so many questions our customers have about our garages for sale it’s hard to list them all. The greatest advantage of choosing one of our amish built garages is that we can fully customize every aspect of the structure to fit your needs and desires! 

When choosing between a stick built garage and a modular garage first ask yourself, “what is my budget I need to meet?” This will outline which option you can choose and get a backyard garage that fits your needs. Those will a lower budget should consider the modular garage as they can get a larger and more useful area.

Those with a larger budget can also consider a modular garage but often consider the stick built detached garage for sale as it offers numerous customizations which we compare to as building a house!

Also consider the foundation of your garage in your budget. As said above if your budget is not very large consider an amish built modular garage. To save money on your detached garage consider a stone pad. With a modular garage you can include a wood floor which means you only need a stone pad instead of concrete, saving money on the foundation! 

We are here to answer any of your questions!

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