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Choosing The Right Prefab Garage Size For Your Needs

You must first determine what prefab garage size will best suit your needs when purchasing a prefab garage to protect your car and other possessions. The size of a prefabricated garage is one of the most crucial factors to take into account when purchasing a new garage. Although it may be tempting to compromise on the size of your garage due to the expense of various garage types, it’s crucial to remember that the size of your garage will be greatly influenced by the number of cars you intend to store inside.

A prefab garage is basically a space where you can store your car and tools safely by keeping them in a place where they are protected from bad weather conditions. A prefab one-car garage can also be utilized as a temporary storage location for stuff you eventually intend to get rid of and store your car supplies, outdoor toys, yard and gardening tools, and other rarely used items.

Choosing the perfect size for your garage can be a challenging task. It can be difficult to choose the ideal size for your garage because there are so many things to take into account, like the number of vehicles you need to park, your storage needs, and the available space. Let’s look at the factors you need to consider when choosing the right prefab garage size.

1. Understand the prefab garage sizes available.

Understanding the various garage sizes available is crucial to having a practical and useful garage that suits the particular requirements of your house and land. Choosing the correct size is essential to ensure that everything fits properly inside, whether you need a garage to keep your vehicles, tools, or equipment or plan to utilize a portion of the area as living quarters or a workspace.

Decide how you’ll use your garage before you go ahead and purchase one, then select the size that best suits your requirements. There are more considerations than most homeowners realize when choosing between a one- car garage or a two-car garage.

Here are the most common garage sizes available:

One-car garages: one-car garages normally measure 12 feet by 24-30 feet and are the smallest conventional size. They are appropriate for homeowners with just one vehicle or little open space.

Two-car garages: Two-car garages are the most popular type of garage and are normally 24 feet by 24-30 feet in size. They are perfect for households that require more storage space or have two cars.

Three-car garage: The largest garage size is a three-car garage, which is normally 36 feet by 24 feet.

These three-car garages are ideal for homeowners who need a lot of extra storage space or have many cars.

2. Consider your car when choosing garage size.

The length of the car or cars you wish to store in the garage must be measured before you purchase your prefab garage. With the doors open, gauge the width and length. If you think about upgrading to a bigger car in the future, you should factor in that too.


3. Your storage needs

List all the things you want to keep in your garage. Cars, lawnmowers, tools, sporting goods, refrigerators, and workbenches are examples of common objects. When choosing the size of your garage, consider all of these factors. Determine whether shelves will be required based on your list.

More space will improve garage storage. You can achieve much extra space in your garage by adding two or four extra feet to its length or width. You could construct a 24-inch-deep wall of storage that would fill the entire garage. This will definitely increase your storage space’s cubic feet, allowing you to stack boxes or containers of goods. You might incorporate a workbench inside the wall-mounted storage area as well.

4. Walking space

Consider how much room you’ll need to move around in your one-car garage after putting everything there. Parking your car or cars in an open space like they were in the garage is the best approach. Open the entrances. Place all of your additional things around the vehicles in the desired locations. Give yourself 4 feet to walk around each vehicle. Sizes should be measured.

5. Land space

Consider the size of your garage in relation to the available land. If you have limited space, check to be sure the garage will comfortably fit in your backyard. Determine which trees need to be cut down to fit the desired garage size.

6. Future needs

It could be a good idea to select a larger garage space if you want to buy more vehicles or equipment in the future. This way, you will still have adequate space to store your belongings and not worry about running out of storage space

7. Budget

Depending on the size, materials, and customization choices you select, the price of a garage can vary. When selecting the size of your garage, be sure to consider your budget to make sure you choose a size that is affordable and within your means.

Generally, the price of a prefab garage ranges between $5,00 to $15,000. So, it will depend on your budget and the features you are looking for. For instance, a prefab garage with added lofted space will cost more. So if you are looking for such a garage, you'll have to spend more. A one-car garage usually cost less, so if you just have one car and you are on a limited budget, it is an ideal choice.

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