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Building vs. Buying Backyard Sheds: Which is Cheaper?

Cost is one of the most crucial elements to consider when purchasing new backyard sheds, whether it is your first shed or a replacement, as it is an investment that might be quite valuable.

You enjoy certain benefits by having your own shed. Everything you don’t want to keep inside your home, including your tools and equipment, can be stored there. You must choose whether to create a custom shed or purchase a pre-built one before purchasing.

Both options have various benefits and drawbacks, depending on personal preference.
But which option is cheaper, building or buying a shed? Let’s find out.

Factors that influence the cost of a shed

If you are looking forward to having an aesthetically beautiful portable shed, some factors can influence the cost of the shed. These factors include:

1. Size of the shed

The price of a shed increases with its size. So, your budget will need to grow if you need more storage space. The shed’s dimensions, including the floor area and roof height, affect the price. You can save money by choosing a shed with a modest floor area and a low roof.

2. Style of the shed

The type and style of the shed have a significant impact on the ultimate price. A basic garden shed can cost between $1,500 and $8,000, while a stylish storage shed can range from about $15,000 and up. Additionally, if the shed has features like shelves, the price will go up.

3. Materials used

The materials used to construct the shed are quite important in determining how much the shed will cost in total. Our wood sheds (which feature a 50 year warranty) are more cost efficient, why other sidings such as James Hardie can range higher. It is straightforward: Using expensive materials makes a shed more expensive, while using cheaper materials
makes it less expensive.

Building a shed

If you build your shed, here is a breakdown of the whole process.

1. Designing your DIY shed

Before anything, you need to have a design for your project. Your design will depend on your available space, materials, and budget. The style you want for your new shed is a crucial decision when it comes to design. Do you prefer vinyl or wood sheds? Do you know if you want your shed to be built of plastic or wood? You want windows, right?

You should seriously consider these aspects because you have complete creative freedom over your new shed.

Which materials can you use to construct your shed?

You can use various materials to construct your DIY shed. These materials include:

  •  Wood
  •  Metal
  •  Vinyl
  • Plastic
  • Engineered wood

Remember that each of these materials has its unique features and benefits. So you need to understand them before you pick one that suits your needs.

Cost of building a shed

Backyard sheds come in various designs, and the price to build one depends on the material and size. Small garden sheds typically range in size from 6 to 10 feet, while larger sheds can measure up to 14 feet by 60 feet.

Depending on the style of the building, the average shed cost is determined by the square foot. Storage buildings typically cost more when you have electrical wiring and insulated interior shelving.

To accurately calculate the cost and decide if buying a shed or building one has more benefits, you need to measure your space in square feet.

Tools you need to build a DIY shed

  •  Pair of ladders
  • Safety equipment
  • Wood chisels and clamps
  • Power tools like a circular saw and drill
  •  Nails, screws, and screwdriver
  • Wooden stakes, hammer, and measuring tape.


Time required to build the DIY shed

In addition to the numerous supplies and tools needed, the time it will take to complete a building project like a new shed must also be considered. Although you may avoid paying for professional labor, how much is your time worth? Do you have the time to complete the project? You must ask yourself these questions before starting a DIY shed project.

Buying your shed

Here are reasons you may consider buying a portable shed

1. A professional built

When you pay for expertly constructed backyard sheds, you will probably receive a warranty. If something were to go wrong within a specific time frame, this would give you peace of mind. A warranty can offer coverage for both material flaws and product recalls. These warranties won’t be present if you build your own shed.

The fact that the shed was professionally constructed as opposed to someone doing it themselves or following instructions from a shed kit may also give people the impression that it is of higher quality.

2. You don’t have to purchase tools.

When you purchase a shed, you won’t need to worry about purchasing or renting tools and equipment if you don’t already have a garage full of them.

A pre-built shed has everything for you when you purchase it. Simply choose the style you
want and the location on your property where it should go. It’s that simple. Purchasing a shed is undoubtedly simpler than building one and offers just as much artistic ability!

3. No labor needed

Some people believe that time equals money, and since labor costs save them time, they don’t mind paying them. Purchasing a shed might be the best option if you fit this description, and don’t mind paying for installation fees, delivery costs, and other expenditures associated with having a pre-built shed. When purchasing a new shed, this is one of the benefits that buyers frequently appreciate.

In addition, when you build a backyard shed yourself, you are sacrificing multiple weekends of free time. Because we all know this is not a weekend project such as you say when deciding between purchasing or building.


Which one is cheaper: building or buying a shed?

In the end, buying a portable shed is cost-effective than if you build it from scratch. First, when you buy a shed, you don’t have to worry about the cost of materials which can be very expensive. Second, you will get a warranty when you purchase a pre-built shed, which can save you money in the long run. Lastly, purchasing a shed can save you time; as we all know, time is money!

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