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Dog Kennel Whelping Options

Comfortable and Happy Puppies

Puppies are very delicate when they are first born, much like us! Make sure they are comfortable and safe in your breeding kennel by adding quality whelping options. Puppies need to be kept at a certain temperature and close to their mom, our dog kennels for breeders are there for their safety and well being. Explore our whelping options and see which best fits your needs! 

Kennel Heaters

Kozy Kennel LP Heater

Liquid Propane heater 

Kozy Kennel LP Thermostat

Liquid propane heater with a thermostat

Accutemp Heater

Requires 12v power and liquid propane 

Radiant Heated Floor

Use hot water to heat the whole interior of your kennel! 

Accutemp Whelping Nests

Hot Water


With an Accutemp whelping nest you have the ability to control each individual whelping nests temperature by the click of a button. As said above, it is important to keep newborn puppies at the right temperature and close to their moms. Do so with this great whelping nest, and our professional amish craftsmen will install your whelping nest so it is ready to go upon delivery! 

EZs Whelping Beds

These whelping nests for dog kennels include a slopped floor as it is best to keep newborn puppies close to their moms. Choose between hot water or electric models, based on your kennels preferred power source. 

Without Rails

With Rails

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