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Can a Playset Add Value to My Home?

When it comes to adding playsets to your property, you may be wondering, “how can a playset add value to my home?” Well, the truth is that it won’t add much value, but with the right types of playsets, you can reap many benefits to having one on your property. While some playsets can detract value, such as old, dilapidated ones, purchasing a high-quality playset can increase the likelihood of a buyer being interested in your property.

The Benefits of Adding a Playset

There are many reasons why some buyers would be interested in homes with high-quality playsets. One of the ways a playset can add value is by appealing to the right buyer. If you think of the many young families with small kids who are looking to buy their first home, a backyard playset that is safe and durable would be appealing to them. Another option would be an older couple who are looking to downsize. A swing set in the backyard for their grandkids to play on when they come to visit would be a great option.

While it’s true that a playset may not increase the resale value of your home by much, you should keep in mind that the people who would be interested in a house with a playset. For instance, buyers would want one made of high-quality materials, like #1-grade Wolmanized wood or vinyl, and not something cheap that would degrade over time. Backyard playsets made from these materials are long, lasting, safe, and can withstand a variety of weather conditions.

Additionally, playsets encourage outdoor play. With the rise of technology use in homes and schools, outdoor play is more important than ever. Children need fresh air and physical activity for their wellbeing, as well as to encourage the use of their imagination.

Types of Playsets that Add Value

When choosing a playset, you should choose one that enhances the natural beauty of your home. Backyard Escapes offers wooden playsets that we can customize with oil-based stain or water-based stain in 13 colors. The playsets also include a preservative to ward off termites and fungal decay. These options allow you to choose a wooden backyard playset that children will love, that lasts for years, and adds to your home’s resale value.

Another home improvement option for your backyard is a vinyl playset. Backyard Escapes offers 20 base models with ten options in multiple colors, so you are sure to find something that enhances the natural beauty of your home. They also have a 20-year warranty against color fading, so you know that these playsets are a value-added asset to your home.

Check Out Our Wood and Vinyl Playsets

Because of their long-lasting durability, if you decide to move and don’t want to keep the playset because your kids have grown and don’t use it, you can always resell the playsets to another buyer who can still enjoy many years of use out of it. Choosing one of these playsets in wood or vinyl is a good option because they require little to no maintenance and are weather-resistant.

For more information on choosing a playset, check out our savvy parents’ playset buying guide.

Landscaping Around a Playset

Another way your playset can add to the resale value of your home is if you do some landscaping around the swing set. Instead of just plopping it down in the middle of your yard, consider mulching off the area for the children to play on. You may also want to consider planting some trees around the swing set area to help protect children from the sun on hot summer days by providing some shade. Landscaping around the playset can help add value to your home by giving a polished, clean look in your backyard. This polished look will likely be appealing to potential buyers in the future.

When you choose a high-quality playset that matches the aesthetics of your home and clean up your backyard area to provide a beautiful, finished look, you’re doing a lot more for your home than you may think. While it may not be much, these little details add up and can be appealing to the right buyers who are looking for safe, reliable play areas for their children to use.

Playsets that Detract Value

Choosing the right playset to add value to your home is essential. Some cheaper brands of playsets that are available at big box stores can have safety concerns, are not made with durable materials, and, eventually, be ruined by the weather. Broken-down playsets with rotted wood can detract from the resale value of your home as well. Additionally, playsets that are neglected for years with broken swings, a wobbly sliding board, or broken monkey bars are not going to be attractive to potential buyers.

Check Out Our Wooden and Vinyl Playsets

For these reasons, you’ll want to check out our wood and vinyl playsets. Not only will they match the aesthetics of your home and enhance your overall property value, but they will also last for years, requiring little to no maintenance.

The quality of our playhouse sets is shown in the beauty and durability of our Amish workmanship. Our swing sets are made from the finest Amish builders in Lancaster, PA, so you know that they are safe and will last for years. Let our playsets add value to your home with high-quality work and multiple customization options.

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