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Two Story Sheds For Sale

Looking for a great backyard addition that adds a lot of extra space but doesn’t take up a ton of backyard real-estate? Well a two story shed may be the best option for you! Here at Backyard Escapes, we understand the importance of functionality and curb appeal. We offer numerous customizations that will add to the wow factor, while still maintain functionality, you are looking for. Explore our sheds with a second floor and gather idea’s for your project. Our amish made sheds come from the heart of Lancaster county Pennsylvania, with generations of craftsmen experience. Explore the quality we put into our structures and the life of ease that will ahead of you! 

Quality In Every Detail

Whether you are looking to add extra storage in the backyard or the perfect hideaway such as a man cave or she shed, it is always best to consider the quality of the structure. Here at Backyard Escapes, we do not skip on the quality of a structure, we go above and beyond. From the little details such as trimming the windows and doors to the large details such as premium grade framing or interlocking double top plate, you can rest assured there is no skipping corners when shopping with us! 

Design The Perfect Lofted Shed

When you are considering a two story shed for your backyard, also consider the additional curb appeal it will give your property. Adding great options, whether they are large or subtle, can add great touches to complete or add to your landscaping. We love custom designs and encourage our customers to create their own lofted shed to stand out from the rest. Check out these features that can add functionality and curb appeal to your shed.

Dormers add great curb appeal and increase the space on the second floor, choose from several options to see which fits you best!

sheds with loft

A porch will turn your two story shed into cottage. Our timber frame porch is the most popular shed porch option, definitely consider this option for great curb appeal!

Adding extra windows will allow for extra light and increase curb appeal. Choose from many sizes and styles when designing your lofted shed!

What Could I Use my Shed with a Second Floor For?

Asking yourself the uses for a shed with a second floor? Well the possibilities are endless! Not matter the size or style you choose you can use your two story storage shed for a multitude of reasons, lets go over them! 

Storage: The most obvious use for a shed is storage. You can store tools, gardening equipment, seasonal items, and other belongings. The two-story design allows for better organization and separation of items.

 Workshop: If you enjoy DIY projects or have hobbies that require workspace, you can convert the shed into a workshop. The ground floor can house larger tools and equipment, while the upper floor can be used for smaller tools and a workbench.

Home Office: With the increasing popularity of remote work, a two-story shed can be transformed into a home office. The lower floor can serve as the main workspace, while the upper floor can be used for storage or a more relaxed space.

Educational Space: Use the shed as a dedicated space for learning or teaching. This could be a tutoring center, a study space, or a homeschooling area.

Studio or Art Space: Artists, writers, or musicians may find the two-story layout conducive to creating a studio or art space. Use the upper floor as a quiet retreat for creative work.

Guest House: Depending on the size and amenities, you could convert the two-story shed into a guest house or small living space. This is especially useful if you need extra room for visitors or if you’re looking for additional rental income.

Gym or Fitness Area: Transform the space into a home gym. The lower floor can house workout equipment, while the upper floor can serve as a yoga or meditation space.

Entertainment Room: Create a space for entertainment, such as a home theater, game room, or a place for social gatherings. The two stories allow for separate areas for different activities.

No Need to DIY a Two Story Shed

two story sheds for sale

We Deliver & Install Our Sheds

here at Backyard Escapes, we believe in simplicity and ease, that is why from the beginning we make the purchasing and designing process as simple as possible. No high pressured sales tactics or added hidden fee’s, just pure quality and transparency! Since we love simplicity and ease, we offer delivery and installation of our two story sheds so you don’t have to lift a finger. This alleviates some the stress that accumulates everyday  and gives you once less thing to worry about. In addition, our professional installation crew can build your two story shed in as little as a day, which means no more weekends or even weeks, spent in there backyard trying to assemble a shed kit.

The process is very simple, we start with the size and style shed with a loft you desire. Then we go over the options you are interested in and design the building based off your ideas! Once we have the design nailed down, our amish craftsmen get to work building your shed based off your two story shed plans! Finally, a member of our team will reach out with a delivery and install date to get your building in your backyard, it’s just that easy! 

Ready to Start Designing?

Let’s get your project rolling, whether you’d like to design your own or already have designs for two story sheds, we would love to make your dream structure come to life! Enter your information and ideas below and a member of our team will reach out! 

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