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Studio Shed

All Purpose Studio Sheds

No matter your profession or hobby our studio sheds are there for any need. Built to mimic the artistic feel and touch of a artist, photographer, sculptor or more, this structure is sure to bring out the creative genius within you.

Looking great in the backyard these structures are sure to increase your productivity. Not only can you show your creativity in the work but also on these structures. This studio is fully customizable so you can express yourself within the building you work. Change the color schemes, add elements that generate idea’s and tailor this building to fit your needs. 

Learn more by reading below and see why this structure can benefit you every way imaginable! 

Be Creative In A backyard Studio

Backyard Studio

Do you have a passion you want to pursue? A passion that makes time move faster, and fly by? When you love to do a task, it’s not a job it’s an activity. It makes a hour feel like fifteen minutes. 

Why not have a designated place to pursue these dreams and really let your creativity juices flow? That is why we build the studio series! 

A studio shed is artistic just like the activities that will go on inside of it. Creative design for creative people we like to say. 

Allowing tons of light to come through, and shine down on your works in progress or even your completed projects. There is no trade the studio series can’t accompany . So let’s dive in on what this style entails and why this structure may be a right choice for you in your many endeavors!

A Modern Shed

The studio series can be whatever you’d like. Depending on what siding you choose, it may give off a colonial look but mostly a modern style. We can build a studio shed out of whatever material you’d like such as vinyl siding, Duratemp, Straight Lap, James Hardie, Board and Batten and more! The choice is up to you, a truly custom structure where you design the look! 

The reason this structure has a modern touch is mostly due to the style of the roof. The studio series has a nine foot front wall and a six foot back wall, meaning it has a single slope roof. This bring the modern look people fall in love with as soon as they see it!

The studio series also features a two foot overhang on the tall wall giving more curb appeal  and a great conversation starter! Lastly, and the part that draws the most attention, the transom windows that line the top of the tall wall. This enhances the studio series and sets it apart from the rest. Brings in tons of natural light and also is very appealing to the eye! 

The Uses of A Studio Shed

A building like this can have many uses, as listed above the most popular are for creative purposes such as an art studio, photography studio, pottery studio, or writing studio. But not limited to these purposes, this shed can still be used as a simple storage shed as well! 

Art Studio

For an art studio this shed is perfect. An artist becomes popular by the details in their work, the brush strokes and the lines that are formed into a masterpiece of their own. A well lit area is best for fine details or painting in general, that is why a studio shed is best for an artist. Bringing in tons of natural light with all the windows that come standard.

Painting takes hours and hours to create a masterpiece you will be proud of. Do you really want the smell of paint in your home? Or the clutter of paint materials scattered around? That is why a designated area just for your hobby or profession should be considered! 

Photography Studio

Do you love taking pictures? Is everything you look at a back drop for the perfect shot from several angles? This building may be a perfect way to start your business or grow it even further. A photographer changes the way light affects a background or scene to further enhance the picture, sometimes highlighting a certain aspect of the photo to draw more attention to it. So why shouldn’t they have a studio shed that features tons of windows that draw in the light needed to create a high quality photo? No more yellow marks from lights or strong glares.

Also giving room to set up different scenes in the same room. Office buildings are expensive upfront and cost even more to customize to make them your own. Why not save time and money and have one right in your backyard? Show your creative skills and customize a studio shed to bond with your vision of photography and color palette! 

Pottery Studio

Pottery, a skill that has been taught for years and years, a very creative skill that involves vision and patience. Taking one element and turning it into a masterpiece! Much like a building, taking materials and creating a vision from scratch. Now the final products of pottery are very eye catching and beautiful but the process of taking the raw materials and converting them into a masterpiece can be very very messy.

Wouldn’t you like to have your own place in the backyard, a place where the mess of your creativity doesn’t follow you into your living room? A studio is a great way to solve that problem! Just like pottery you would design your own studio shed starting with an image in your head. We would then form your idea, much like clay, into the dream structure you visualized. Consider a structure that helps your creative juices and also benefits in more way than one! 

Writing Studio For Aspiring Authors

Authors tell us the truth and stories, but just like any other profession they need inspiration. Inspiration can come from many things, seeing a bird fly in the sky, an ant crawling on the ground, taking aspects and converting them into a story for their readers. Shouldn’t they have a building that gives them inspiration such as a studio shed? The straight or imperfect lines of the framing, the knots from the tree which they were produced from, or the curves in the siding. Taking inspiration from anything they see and reengineering it to manifest into the book or article they are writing. 

Creativity can come from the simplest things, like said above the lines in a studio and the imperfections of the natural wood. This can be used in art, photography, pottery, writing and much much more. The sky is the limit when designing a custom shed. Show your creativity and build a structure that flows with you and showcases your design skills! 

Ready to express your idea’s and have your own space for your craft? Enter your information below and let us know what style studio shed interests you the most! 

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