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Small Shed With Big Capabilities

Looking for a small shed because you have a small backyard or perhaps because you do not have a need for a large storage option because you have an attic or basement? Well here at Backyard Escapes, we can accommodate any need you may have when it comes to exterior storage. We build the highest quality sheds on the market, made to serve for years and years in the backyard. Built by our amish craftsmen, in the heart of Lancaster PA, with generations of experience handed down to them. Explore our small sheds and see which style or size fit’s your needs the best. If you do not see an option or style listed here, it is best to contact us as we love to custom build!

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Customize Your Small Storage Shed

Having the ability to customize your small storage shed is ideal for homeowners in a HOA or someone looking to put their own spin on the structure. With us, we welcome custom designs, you dream it and we build it! Start with a basic style then customize every aspect of the building. Bring your dream to life without any of the hassle or stress of building a small storage shed yourself!

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Hassle Free Fully Assembled Small Sheds

Don’t settle for big box store small sheds that sacrifice quality for a low price tagged take weekends to assemble if you are not a skilled handyman. Settle for a quality shed that brings a life of ease and relieves stress that builds every day. Our sheds come fully assembled, ready to use upon the completion of delivery. Quality is our number one goal, trust us to build your last structure!

Why Would You Need A Small Outdoor Shed?

Everyday, whether we think so or not, we accumulate more and more items, but where do all the old items go? Rather than fill up your inside space, a small shed can help store those items you do not use as often outside and away from your living space. Explore why you may need a small storage shed and how they can benefit your home life!

  • Of course storage: As said above, we add more items to our “collection” everyday. Store your old and unused items outside your home, away from your interior living space.
  • Vehicle Storage: Your large ticket items such as ATV’s, lawnmowers, and more, should be kept in a secure area, protected from the elements to hold their value. 
  • Seasonal Storage: Just about everyone has holiday decorations, store those items in a place you don’t have to see them all the time, until next year, such as a small outdoor shed!
  • Business Storage: As working from home if becoming more and more popular you may accumulate paper or documents. Store them outside in a secure structure!
  • Hobby Space: Use your small shed as a place to work such as wood working, pottery, painting, or more. This space can be used as a addition to your home!
  • Small Tool Shed: Store and organize all of your tools in one simple location. Declutter your attached garage for other projects you may tackle!

Small Storage Shed Ideas Brought to Life

Throughout our many years of building quality storage sheds, we quickly realized, many customers have the desire to customize their small shed to resemble them and their existing property theme. That is why we encourage customizing, to stand out rather than to blend in!

Customizing does not mean you have to change every aspect, it can be as simple as adding more windows to increase light or a steeper roof pitch to match your home. Design a small storage shed that compliments your existing landscaping or home and draws the eye of you and your neighbors. With plenty of options to choose from, you can design a small shed that can benefit in more way than just for storage!

The Manor Series adds a touch of elegance to the backyard. This small garden shed idea brings plenty of headroom and added features to your backyard!

Strong and Sturdy Small Outdoor Sheds

Quality is a top priority, here at Backyard Escapes, we build the our small sheds as if it was our own. Consider quality over quantity for your backyard!

  • Pressure Treated 4×4 Runners
  • Pressure Treated 2×4 Floor Joists
  • 5/8″ Plywood Floor (3/4″ available)
  • Interlocking Double Top Plate
  • 16″ On Center Framing
  • 4″ Overhangs
  • Gable Vents for Ventilation 
  • Aluminum Windows with Screens 
  • Double Doors with Door tensioners
  • Door Bumpers

We can list many more features in our quality small storage sheds. Consider investing in a secure and sturdy structure and leave the stress behind! 

Check Out Our Small Tool Shed Ideas

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The regular series is the most commonly seen storage shed. However, we put our twist on it for better curb appeal. Featuring 4″ overhangs all around as well as 1×6 premium facia board, painted as the same color as the trim, to match the style of your home. 

The classic series is one of our more popular shed plans. Featuring eight inch overhangs all around, this style gives cottage style feelings. In addition, this style features a 7/12 or 8/12 roof pitch (depending on the width), 24″x36″ that are perfect to add a window mounted air conditioner for hobby use. Consider this style for great curb appeal and a cottage style feel!

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The highwall series is perfect for lofted storage. With the rafters having two roof pitches, this style allows for immense amounts of headroom. Consider adding a loft to this small shed style to increase your storage square footage and get the most bang for your buck! 

The quaker series adds curb appeal and elegance to your backyard. Featuring two roof pitches, a 5/12 and a 7/12, it includes a two foot overhang for extra rain coverage than a standard small storage shed. This style is sure to grab the eye of your neighbors or guests and smart conversation as it adds to your backyard ambiance!

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