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Shed Dormer

Shed with shed dormer

Customize A Shed By Adding a Shed Dormer

Here at Backyard Escapes, we understand the desire to stand out. We love to customize a storage shed and one of the best features you can add to the roof of a shed is a dormer! Whether you are creating a tool shed, garden shed, man cave, or she shed, build your backyard shed to add curb appeal to your property and draw attention. We specialize in custom shed designs and love to experiment in new ways. If you have a custom idea, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We offer several types of dormers to choose from to create the perfect backyard structure that compliments your home and doesn’t look bland and boring to look at, let’s go over them! 

Shed with a seven foot transom dormer

Transom Dormer For A Shed

The transom dormer is the most commonly seen dormer. Starting at the peak of the building it changes the roof pitch to achieve the window clearance. This dormer is typically between 18 inches to 26 inches tall from the start of the trim to the shingle line at its tallest point. It is referred as a transom dormer simply because the windows that go into the dormer are classified as transom windows. 

We offer this dormer is various sizes to fit almost any shed. These sizes include 5 feet which includes 2 windows, 7 feet which includes 3 windows, 9 feet which has 4 windows, 11 feet which includes 5 windows and lastly 15 feet which has 5 windows which are slightly larger at 29 inches long instead of 23 inches. Commonly customers choose the 7 or 9 foot dormer length. The seven foot dormer lines up perfectly with a set of 6 foot double doors and the nine foot dormer lines up nicely with four windows touching together! 

Farmhouse Dormer

The farmhouse dormer is the perfect addition your backyard storage shed if you have a modern farmhouse style home or yard accents that suggest that theme. Just as our transom dormer above this style dormer starts at the peak of the building and stops just shy of the end of the eave wall. 

This style dormer features 12 inch by 12 inch square windows instead of elongated transom windows. Such as a farmhouse style home, many of the windows have a four grid style. These windows on the farmhouse shed dormer are no exception, modeled exactly off of the farmhouse theme. This dormer is also available is five, seven, nine, eleven, and fifteen feet sizes. Choose the one that fits the size and style of your shed to get the perfect look! 

farmhouse shed dormer
Shed with nine foot farmhouse dormer
Mock dormer shed

Mock Dormer Shed

This is our least popular shed dormer. The mock dormer is essentially just for outside appeal. It does not offer any added head room or extra sunlight aloud to come in. It spruces up the exterior look of your building while closely resembling a mix of an a-frame dormer and reverse gable. 

The mock domer as expressed above is mostly for exterior appeal. On the interior you do not see any signs of a dormer. You will see traditional sixteen inch on center rafters and no “bump out” as seen with a tradition dormer shed. Customers who choose to select this dormer for a shed often opt to add the half moon window as shown in the photo. If you are looking for added light and head room, we suggest to choose our other dormers! 

A-Frame Window Dormer

The A-frame window dormer is popular for two story sheds to add extra light in the loft area as well as for aesthetic appeal. This dormer is very commonly found on houses so adding a backyard shed with this option will look great on your property. 

This dormer is thirty inches wide for sheds or even wider for a two story shed or build on site garage. For a typically backyard shed it comes with a 18″x23″ window per dormer. We suggest adding two of these dormers on one side of the shed instead of opting for one. 

aframe dormer

Start Customizing Your Dormer Shed

After checking out these cool shed dormer ideas, start customizing your backyard garden shed. With numerous options, you can have a custom designed shed in your backyard that is a one of! If we have missed something or you have an idea we don’t have listed, let us know because we love to try new things! 


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