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Premiere Motorcycle Sheds

Looking for a safe and secure place to store your investment you have saved so long for? Perhaps a place you can work freely on your bike without the need to stress about rain or other weather issues? Well a motorcycle shed is the perfect solution for you. Explore the endless possibilities and advantages that are to follow and the premium quality of our sheds for motorcycles. Our sheds come from the heart of Lancaster Pennsylvania, built by amish craftsmen with generations of quality building experience passed down to them. Our sleek designs and hassle free experience make us , Backyard Escapes, a destination for secure storage. 

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Do I Really Need a Shed for a Motorcycle?

When you purchase an investment such as a car, truck, or motorcycle, they are a fairly large purchase. So why not protect your investment so you can get a quality return in time? When adding a storage structure such as a shed on your property you are caring for and looking after your purchase to keep the value in tact. Lets go over the needs of a motorcycle shed and how it can benefit you!

  • Protection from the Elements: A motorcycle storage shed provides shelter and protection for your motorcycle from the elements, such as rain, snow, hail, and excessive sunlight. Exposure to these elements can lead to corrosion, fading of paint, and damage to various components of the motorcycle.

  • Security: A dedicated shed offers a more secure storage solution compared to leaving your motorcycle exposed in the open. It can be equipped with locks and security features to help prevent theft.

  • Extended Lifespan: By keeping your motorcycle sheltered, you can extend its lifespan. Exposure to harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and moisture can accelerate wear and tear. A shed helps preserve the integrity of the motorcycle’s components and finishes.

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Regular exposure to the elements can result in increased maintenance and repair costs for your motorcycle. By providing a protected storage space, you can reduce the frequency of maintenance and potential repair expenses.

  • Insurance Benefits: Some insurance providers may offer discounts if you store your motorcycle in a secure and enclosed space. Check with your insurance company to see if having a shed can result in lower premiums.

  • Resale Value: Properly maintaining and storing your motorcycle can positively impact its resale value. A well-maintained and protected bike is likely to fetch a higher price when you decide to sell or trade it, protecting your investment is always a great idea!

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Sheds for Motorcycles "Must Have's"

Motorcycles always entice their owners to advance their bike, whether this be tuning the engine for more horsepower or updating the paint or decals. No matter the situation, a shed for a motorcycle can benefit your scenario! Adding a workbench can open your shed to a whole new realm. Work on your bike, night and day, while having your tools all in the place they need to be for easy finding. Play your favorite music and wrench away, all while in the comfort and solitude of an exterior structure, eliminating distractions and noise complaints keeping you from your work. Pairing a workbench with shelving, helps store larger items away from your smaller pieces for safe keeping and eliminating the need to search as frequently!

Enjoy a Motorcycle Shed

Everybody loves to alleviate stress from their lives, since it accumulates more and more everyday, so here are great tips to help maintain and enjoy your new shed for a motorcycle for years!

Ventilation For Motorcycle Sheds

As we are taught when we were growing up, gas engines gives off deadly fumes that can be toxic to us, so having proper ventilation is a great consideration. Our motorcycle sheds come standard with gable vents, however, it is great to add extra options for the air to escape. Consider adding a gable mounted exhaust fan, ridge vent or vented soffits as hot air rises it will be able to escape through the peak and the sides of the building, while also allowing fresh air to enter!

Easy Clean-Up Flooring

Keep your new motorcycle storage shed clean and fresh by installing a non-skid and stick flooring. Reduce the worry of dripping mess as your change the oil or clean out the carburetor, with a non stick floor, you can have peace at mind your motorcycle shed will be clean for the next time. In addition, installing a floor covering will take away the pesky tire marks left on plywood floors as you drive into your shed. Pulling in and out continuously into the same place will leave black tire marks on the plywood floor if they uncovered. Consider a floor covering to simplify the clean up process. 

Heating and Cooling for a Motorcycle Storage Shed

Relaxing in the cool or warm air in a temperature controlled garage as you work on your motorcycle is a dream for many people. Adding a mini split to your motorcycle shed is a consideration that should not be overlooked, the best part is, we can install and set up your mini split for you so it is ready to go upon electrical hook up! In addition to using this space to work on your bike, you can also use this as a man cave or she shed for relaxing. Add a nice recliner, radio, and a mini fridge, you can unwind and remember the good times on your bike!

Cabinetry for Bike Parts

A shed for a motorcycle will tend to have parts, wrenches, oil cans, and more, scattered around creating a messy environment. Store all you belongings securely, like your motorcycle, without having to sort through numerous items and boxes to find the part you need. Install cabinets into your motorcycle shed for easy and clean storage. 

In addition to storage, installing floor mounted cabinets allows for countertops or extra work bench space. No need to be on your hands and knees working on the smallest components of a motorcycle, work waist high at a comfortable level. Consider adding cabinetry to your bike shed, or consider our aluminum cabinets to durability and appeal! 

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We Build Quality Sheds for Motorcycles

Here at Backyard Escapes, we believe in building a product that we would be happy with, we put our products through intense and rigorous quality control procedures to ensure your building is built with the highest quality possible. With attention to detail, down to the knots in the four by four runners, we will inspect every aspect of your motorcycle shed before it leaves our facility. We use premium grade framing to ensure the integrity will never be compromised as well as they are no blemishes standing out. 

We also believe in a hassle and stress free experience, the way buying should be! No pesky sales tactics or upselling, our friendly staff is here to ensure your building is the best storage solution possible and fulfill every need you have. If you are searching for a motorcycle storage shed, trust us to build a structure that will stand the test of time and securely store your belongings! 

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