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Modular garage for sale

Amish Built Modular Garages

Looking for a single, double or even triple car garage but have a set budget? Consider our modular garages for sale! Our garages are built in the heart of Lancaster county Pennsylvania by an amish family with generations of experience. When it comes to quality, search no further than us here at Backyard Escapes. Choose from several styles, designs, and options to complete you garage. No matter the purpose, we can build the ultimate backyard garage you have been searching for! 

Why a Pre-Built Garage

When deciding between building a stick built garage or a modular (also know as prefab/ prebuilt garage) there are many things to consider. Stick built garages have their pros and so does modular garages for sale, check out why a modular garage may be a great choice for you:

Cost Effective

  • A modular garage is often cheaper than traditional stick built garages due to the construction being built off-site in our manufacturing facility. Also the reduced cost of on-site related fee’s. 

Time Saving

  • Prefab garages as said above are built off-site which in turn leads to limited on-site time. Typically a garage can be assembled in a day or just a few hours! 


  • If you do not anchor your prebuilt garage to a concrete pad then your garage can be moved if needed. Take your garage with you if you move to a different location! 

Less Disruption

  • Unlike a stick built garage which can take days or even some contractors months, a modular will only take a few hours or up to a day to complete. Limiting the noise and pleasing your neighbors or HOA. 

Solid Pricing

  • When you buy a modular garage, there will be no unpredictable pricing due to their simplicity of installation. Weather and problems will not conflict with the price. 


  • Most consider a prefab garage as a single story. However we can build these garages as a two story as well! 

2 Story Modular Garages

Design the perfect garage that suits all your needs and wants. Looking for car storage but also want a man cave/ she shed? Consider a 2 story pre built garage that combines both your desires into one backyard structure. A garage with a loft opens the possibilities and makes this structure useful in a multitude of ways. Choose between a a-frame style or the dutch barn to see which can accommodate you the best! 

Customize Your Own Backyard Garage

A large structure, such as modular garages for sale, can make or break you curb appeal. It is important you have the ability to customize your garage. When considering adding this structure to your property consider, matching your siding, trim, shingle and shutter color to make sure everything flows correctly. In addition to the colors, think about other details that can actually add functionality such as the windows are proportional, doors, and even the overhangs (which can also help protect against slicing rain). 

Customizing doesn’t just give you the ability to change the colors, it also allows for proper door, window, plus other options you desire to be placed correctly. Everyone’s yard is different, the curvature or the way you have your existing structures laid out is never the same as others. Possibly you have existing landscaping you want to line up correctly with the doors, being able to choose where everything is positioned is key when building a modular garage! 

Prefab Garages are "Instant Garages"

Looking for a garage that can be put into use the day of delivery? Well prefab garages for sale are referred to as “instant garages” due to their nature of a quick delivery and install. Since these structures are made in our shop, the on-site time is heavily reduced. Typically a garage can be built within a few hours or up to a day once we arrive to your property! This is dependent on the options you add such as porches, dormers, finished interiors, or more. If you are looking for a quick garage then a prefab is definitely the way to go. Do not fall for modular garage kits, typically these kits are difficult to install for people trying to do it themselves. We suggest choosing a one stop shop that will deliver and install you garage without the hassle! 

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