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A Unique Modern Pergola

Create a backyard oasis that intrigues your guests and grows the curb appeal of your home, a modern pergola will do just that! Here at Backyard Escapes, we create structures that promote a life of ease and relaxation, whether that is a man cave, she shed, pavilion, or a backyard pergola. With the modern design growing in popularity, your backyard should reflect the style of your home or theme, which is why we have created the modern pergola design. Explore this braceless pergola and enjoy the simplistic design elements, best part is , this structure can be made as a kit or have our professional crew deliver and install. Explore this structure!

The Luxury of Outdoor Modern Pergolas

Whether you are looking to offer a covered area by your pool or a relaxing deck cover, a pergola that is modern can accommodate your needs. See what is a pergola can be used for and how it can benefit your backyard landscaping and enhance the ambiance you experience outdoors. 

  • Wedding or Event Venue: Pergolas are often used as a romantic setting for weddings or other special events. Decorate them with flowers and fabric for a picturesque backdrop.

  • Support for Hanging Plants and Lights: Hang potted plants or string lights from the pergola to add a decorative touch and create a cozy atmosphere.

  • Artistic Structure: Some people use pergolas as artistic or architectural focal points in their outdoor spaces. Unique designs can contribute to the overall aesthetics of your property.

  • Entertainment Area: Use a pergola as an outdoor entertainment zone. Install a grill, outdoor kitchen, or even a bar to create a space for socializing and hosting gatherings.

  • Pathway or Walkway: Pergolas can be used to create a covered pathway or walkway in a garden or yard, enhancing the overall landscape design.

  • Hot Tub or Spa Cover: Create a private and stylish space for a hot tub or spa by placing it under a pergola. This adds an element of luxury to your outdoor space.
  • Relaxation Space: Pergolas provide a shaded and comfortable area for relaxation. You can add outdoor furniture like lounge chairs or hammocks for a cozy retreat.

  • Outdoor Dining Area: Pergolas create a charming space for outdoor dining. You can place a dining table and chairs underneath for a pleasant dining experience.
  • Garden Feature: Pergolas add aesthetic appeal to gardens. They can be used to support climbing plants, vines, or flowers, creating a beautiful and natural canopy.

How to Build a Modern Pergola Design

Understanding Modern Design Pergolas

When considering a modern pergola design, it is best to understand the design elements needed to form the modern look. This style is becoming popular among farmhouse owners or families with a sleek modern landscaping design.

Modern consists of symmetrical lines and shapes, meaning everything is straight and sleek. In addition you will find minimalism, less means more, and also industrial touches such as metal or steel. 

A modern pergola also forms when you use a natural color palette such as browns, blacks, grays, tans, or off whites. These colors set off the modern pergola feel customers love in their backyard. Implementing these design notes are sure to bring the modern and simplistic design to your backyard. 

modern pergola designs
quality modern pergola

We Use Quality Materials

Our pergolas with a modern design are built with the highest quality materials on the market to ensure a structure that will bring years of joy and curb appeal. See what makes our pergolas the best!

  • KDAT Southern Yellow Pine Wood (vinyl wrapped also available)
  • 1” x 3” Wood Purlins 16″ o.c
  • 2” x 6” Wood Rafters 16″ o.c
  • Three-ply 2×10 Wood Beams
  • 7” Sq. Laminated Wood Posts
  • Modern Wood Post Trim
  • Mounting Brackets 
  • Anti Rust Fasteners

Design Elements We Add for a Modern Touch

As said above, modern pergola designs include simplistic lines with symmetrical shapes to present a clean finished product. To accomplish this look, we include several features that set off the pergola with a modern touch. Firstly, we hang the two by six rafters on the interior side of the headers. This is done by joist hangers and hides the ends of the rafters so the exterior has a flat and smooth finish for the symmetrical feel. 

Next element desired for the modern pergola design is hidden purlins. Much like the rafters, this gives the sleek exterior look. The purlins end at the edge of the headers so they are not visible on the exterior. They are then finished with a one by six board that surrounds the top of the pergola. This hides the perils from the exterior and acts as a beautiful trim to finish the structure. 

The last modern design element we add is metal mounting brackets. Most modern designs include an industrial element that sets off the feel you are looking for. Our modern pergolas include colored metal mounting brackets that go on each corner of the pergola. This is not only a design element but also helps keep the headers firmly attached to the posts! 

See the Details in our Modern Pergolas

Enjoy this video of our modern pergolas and see close up how the detail is in our designs. We put our modern pergola designs through rigorous design tests and trials to ensure your structure will be standing for years and years. Quality is our number one priority. 


Enhance your Structure

Have a structure in the backyard that is versatile is a great option to have. Modern pergolas can solve two problems with one solution, the option to add a ez shade can enhance your structures versatility to be an open aired design or provide shade for lounging.

The ez shade mounts to the roof of the pavilion, below the rafters, and can be open or closed based on the preference you desire at the time. This is a great option for decks or being poolside as you can either leave it closed for bits of sunlight or open the curtain for shade while dining or afternoon cocktails. 

This curtain comes in various color combinations to flow with your structures colors or landscaping design. Ask us about adding this option to your structure to further enhance your backyard modern pergola!

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