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Quality Walk In Chicken Coops

Ready for fresh eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Well here at Backyard Escapes, we build the highest quality walk in chicken coops on the market. Hand crafted in the heart of Lancaster Pennsylvania, our amish made chicken coops bring a life of ease to raising chickens. Explore our popular designs and options to choose the perfect backyard coop for you and your family to enjoy. A chicken coop can bring the family closer together and bond further than ever before. It teaches children responsibility and gives them something to nurture and take care of. Adding a walk in chicken coop is a great idea for any family !

Walk in chicken coops for sale

Walk In Chicken Coop Ideas

Here at Backyard Escapes, we love to give you options to choose from. Whether that is for the style of the coop, flooring, electrical, or more. No matter the idea you have, we can accommodate to bring your vision to reality. For larger chicken coops you can walk in, there are certain design elements that are needed to be considered, such as the height. If you are not a rather tall person then this will not be an issue. For taller people, consider a tall chicken coop to help you walk in. The a-frame chicken coops offer the most head room for our pre-built chicken coops, however the quaker style also accommodates for taller people. Check out our walk in chicken coop plans: 

The A-Frame chicken coop style offer ample head room and is a great choice for taller people. With the ability to walk in and add an optional feed room, you can enjoy the luxury of collecting eggs without the hassle of interacting with the hens! 

The Quaker chicken coop is a great option. Depending on the size of the coop you can almost stand up completely inside. The larger the size the more headroom the coop has. Great choice for a classic backyard chicken coop style. 

The combination chicken coop is similar to the Quaker. It has an interior coop but also as an attached run area. A coop you can walk in is a great advantage but when you add a safe and secure run area, it is a whole new level! 

Searching for Quality Chicken Coops Near Me?

Here at Backyard Escapes, we d not skip out on quality to save a dollar. Our amish made chicken coops near me are built to withstand the beating animals produce while also protecting your animals with the utmost safety. We build with quality materials that ease the stress of raising animals, meaning no pesky maintaining such as staining or sealing. Check out our basic chicken coop features. Depending on the style coop you choose, these may change!

  • Nesting Boxes
  • LP Duratemp, Pine Tongue & Groove or Board & Batten siding 
  • Roosting Bars
  • LP Flooring
  • Tech Shield Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing

No matter the size of your walk in chicken coop, you can trust the quality of our builds. Chickens create a lot of mess, the benefit of our walk in chicken coops is that we help make the clean up process easier! Discover the ease of stress free chicken raising. 

Start Your Walk In Chicken Coop Plans

Ready to start raising chickens and receiving fresh eggs every morning? Well it all starts with a beautiful and cozy home for your chickens. Check out our amish made chicken coops for sale and bring the life of easy chicken raising to your backyard. Our fully assembled chicken coops are delivered ready to use and move in. We make the buying process easy, with our skilled professional staff here to answer any of your questions, down to our skilled delivery drivers ready to accommodate you as best they can! Shop our walk in chicken coops or contact us below with any questions you have! 

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