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Quality Dog Kennels For Sale

Looking for a home for your pet that is safe, secure and cozy? Well here at Backyard Escapes, we have you covered! Discover our amish made dog kennels and enjoy the simplicity that comes follows. Our dog kennels for sale come from the heart of Lancaster county in Pennsylvania. Quality is in every detail, no cutting corners here! We strive to bring a kennel that is not only functional but compliments your home and landscaping while not standing out like a sore thumb. We offer several options so you can customize your structure to fit your furry friends needs while also allowing alleviate stress that comes from owning pets. Check out our dog kennels, and bring simplicity to your backyard! 

Why a Outside Dog Kennel?

Safety & Security

  • Kennels provide a secure and enclosed space for your dog, protecting them from potential dangers such as traffic, predators, or other hazards.
  • They can prevent your dog from wandering off or getting lost, especially if your property is not fully fenced.


  • Kennels can help in managing and preventing destructive behaviors, as dogs have a designated area where they can play and expend their energy.
  • They can reduce excessive barking, digging, and other undesirable behaviors by providing a structured environment.


  • Dogs benefit from social interaction, and an outdoor kennel can serve as a safe space for supervised playdates with other dogs or family members.
  • Exposure to various stimuli in the environment can help improve your dog’s social skills and reduce anxiety.


  • Kennels can be a convenient solution for dog owners who need to leave their pets unattended for short periods. It ensures the dog’s safety and prevents them from getting into mischief.
  • Outdoor kennels can be helpful during times when you’re unable to supervise your dog indoors, such as when you’re gardening, cleaning, or having guests over.
  • Kennels can be used as a tool in training your dog. They provide a controlled environment for reinforcing commands and behaviors.


  • Outdoor kennels with appropriate shelter can protect your dog from extreme weather conditions, such as excessive heat, rain, or snow.
  • Providing shade and shelter within the kennel ensures that your dog remains comfortable and safe during different seasons.


Backyard Dog Kennels For Any Breed

A dog is not just a pet, they are apart of the family. We kept this in mind when we designed our backyard dog kennels. Larger breeds require more interior and exterior space to stretch their legs or even lay down. While smaller breeds require smaller spaces as they don’t need much room.

6x8 Dog Kennel for Smaller Breeds
Dog kennel for medium size dogs
8x12 Dog Kennel for Medium Sized Dogs
Dog kennel for large size dog
8x14 Dog Kennel for Large Sized Dogs

We Deliver Our Fully Assembled Dog Kennels

Here at Backyard Escapes, we believe in simplicity. That is why we offer fully assembled dog kennels for sale. No more dog kennel kits that arrive in numerous boxes in which they sacrifice quality for quantity. Our pre-assembled dog kennels will be delivered to your backyard by our skilled and professional installation crew to the exact spot you desire, no hassle from you. 

When you purchase a dog kennel that is already built you are guaranteed top notch quality. We do not cut corners to achieve a lower price or to save a dollar. We build premium outdoor kennels that will stand the test of time and serve its purpose for many years. 

Fully assembled dog kennels

Comfort and Protection

In addition to various styles of kennels we offer, we also offer two versions of each style. After your choose the outdoor kennel you desire, decide whether you would like a finished interior or unfinished interior. See the differences:

Unfinished Interior

  • Exposed wall framing and rafters (dog’s tend to chew the framing )
  • Floor Protection

Finished Interior

  • PVC Trusscore lined walls and ceiling 
  • R-11 batten insulation in walls and ceiling
  • Closed cell spray foam insulated floor 
  • Floor protection
  • Fiberglass door

We are Here to Help Every Step of the Way

We know dog kennels for sale are big purchases, that is why we try to make the purchase as easy as possible. We offer two types of financing for kennels, traditional credit check and rent-to-own no credit check financing. With simple down payments and terms, you can have a backyard dog kennel in no time! See below to apply.

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