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Dog Kennel Lighting and Power Options

A Dog Kennel with Electric is a Must

Adding an electric package and lighting is a must have for a dog kennel. Easily plug in a computer in your office or a heater on those cold nights. Having the ability to plug in and light up your kennel is a great advantage and certainly a must have for any commercial purposes. See our packages and have us seamlessly provide electric to your kennel! 

Upgraded Electric Package

  • 1 Light
  • 1 Switch
  • 1 Reciprocal 
  • Panel Box

Additional lights, switches and reciprocals can be added! 

Basic 12-volt Package

  • 1 Light
  • 1 Switch

Additional lights and reciprocals can be added !

Great Options to Consider

Consider these lighting options in addition to your interior ceiling lights to benefit your dogs and you! 

Entrance Light

Light up your entrance way with an elegant entrance light for easy access. 

Flood Lights

Light up a larger area with flood lights on the exterior. 

Run Lights

See your dogs at night with a light mounted in the exterior run area. 

Solar Panels

Be off the grid and have your kennel supply itself. Add solar panels to the roof. Quantity varies on options included.

Triple Bulb Vanity

Add above your cabinets or work area to light up your work space! 

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