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Dog Kennel Door and Window Options

Bright and Open dog kennels

When adding windows to your dog kennel, you are investing in the well being of the dogs kenneled. In addition to making the interior space feel less confined by letting more light in, sunlight also helps kill bacteria and viruses that may be floating around in your dog kennel. Explore our standard window and door options and see which can best fit in your dog kennel! 

Standard Options

6-Panel Door

This is a non-insulated fiberglass door, much like a shed door, there is no deadbolt standard

Insulated Windows

These 24″x36″ standard windows are double hung. The quantity is based on the size of the kennel! 

Great Options to Consider

Consider these entry door options to increase the light allowed into your kennel as well as the security. Choose a pre-hung door option (house door) to insulate this component of the kennel. We have multiple designs to choose from!

Dog Kennel Door Options

Pre-Hung Door

The pre-hung door option add security and insulates the door opening. A great option to add!

Vent Lite

The vent lite door adds a glass insert with a window to extra ventilation! 

11 Lite

The 11-lite door insert features eleven panes of glass to add light and decoration. 


The 9-lite door, is a cost effective alternative to gather extra light on the interior!

Window Options


These horizontal slider windows mount higher on the wall to save wall space ! 


These windows are larger in size and provide more natural light in the kennel! 

Slat Shutters

Add exterior decoration to your windows with these economical shutters!

Z Shutters

These shutters spruce up the exterior by adding great curb appeal with decorative trim. 

Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters can be used for wood or vinyl buildings!

Dog Kennel Dog Doors

Standard Plexiglass

This door only swings out and the dog uses his nose to open the door. 

Deluxe Dog Door

This door swings in and out, a great option to choose for the dogs to learn easily! 

Aluminum Dog Door

An aluminum dog door resists scratches, chewing, and holds tight for years.

Guillotine Dog Door

Guillotine dog doors allow you to control when the dog goes in or out!

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