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Concession Stand Shed For Sale

As sports fields develop they change year after year. From the placement of the gates fans walk into to or from the area the merchandise is sold from. This is why a portable concession stand needs to be a must for entrepreneurs that work season to season.

Will an unlimited amount of potential and design opportunities a portable stand should be a must have. Design your own from the ground up to fit your area and needs. Create the look that goes with your surroundings and create a building that works best for you! Check out our concession stands! 

Why a portable concession stand?

As said above a concession stand is a structure that will be used from season to season as for obvious reasons most sports or adventures have break periods. Whether you are using this structure to sell tickets to a sporting event or sell merchandise for a tournament, venue or more. There is always going to be a period of time where there is no customers flowing through. But a concession stand shed is not just for one purpose, customers use them for a variety of reasons large for small, reasons we are about to go over! 

Concession Food Stand

Many of our customers use this building as a food stand for customers to enjoy. Having the ability to use this space for a variety of food options is very appealing to most. As referred to above some use this structure at at sporting venue to sell quick and easy to make food such as hotdogs, hamburgers, or a walking taco which makes for quick and easy service. Some like to implement this space at a rental facility such as for boats, jet ski’s, kayaks, golf carts or more. After the customer has purchased their ride or rental they are going to want to grab a bite to eat before or perhaps even after. 

We have served customers in the restaurant business that have an outdoor patio. These are larger restaurant venues that need designated space outdoors so the interior does not get backed up as much, in particular the bar area. Placing concession stands periodically in the outdoor area will free up room on the interior so they can serve the guests better inside. Best part is being able to customize these buildings means you can enhance your outdoor area for example if you have a Caribbean feel, then build your stand to have a tiki vibe!

Perhaps the most is at a music venue or park that entertains guest almost on a daily basis. At a concert venue there are structures, one after the other, showing food options and drink options to entice you appetite. All these food and drink venders need an adequate food stand to sell their product. Having the ability to have several food stands in a certain radius not only keeps the customer in that area but also gives them the ability to feed their desire for a particular element. 

Concession Stands for Tickets

This is a great structure for businesses that are seasonal such as boat rides, jet ski rentals, concert tickets and much more. The beauty of a portable concession stand is that you can place it wherever and whenever you need it. For example you have a concert coming to a park near you and you need to sell tickets at the gate, place a portable stand there just for the show then you can remove it till its time for the next show. 

But this concession stand is even better for businesses that are seasonal such as said above boat rides and jet ski rentals. Their business model is to be open as much as possible between the summer months then evacuate as much material as possible during the winter to keep everything looking bright and clean. This structure is perfect, have the ability to remove the structure during the winter and bring it back in for the spring! 

Concession Stand Idea's

Now not every customer is going to have the same design and that is the beauty of it, creating one showcasing your designs. Now we mean that by every customer is going to have a different layout, design element or function for this structure. But many ask what should I include in by concession stands?

Options For Your Stand

First thing, and the most important, is a serving window. Now there are many options we offer just to give our customers some choices. First one, and the most popular, is the sliding serving windows. These windows comes in 3×4,3×6 and 3×8. There are sliding windows where half of the window slides horizontally. So for example a 3×6 sliding serving window will have a 3×3 area that opens up for you for present the items to your customers. This window also comes with a horizontal sliding screen to keep the pests out! 

Second option is a pine ceiling hung window. These windows come with a door seal on the bottom of them, they are also made with grids much like our wood doors. These windows come with a countertop standard! How there work you may ask? Well these windows are made to either swing out towards the customer or swing in towards the stand area, then they lock in and hold into place. Unfortunately they do not come with any screen options.

Last option we have standard is a roll up door. This option is the most expensive option but customers still enjoy it! Not like a garage door, these doors roll up like a cylinder above the window area for a clear space to work in. There come in many different sizes, choose between just a window area or go for a full wall for your customers to walk in and see your merchandise for sale! 

For the roll up door and sliding serving windows we do suggest adding a bar top to them, or at least an exterior bar top. Our exterior bar tops come in many sizes as well, we suggest at least 12″ wide so ample able for the customers. The best part is they are made of maintenance free azek so you do not have to worry about them rotting, fading or cracking! 

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