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Great Chicken Coop idea's

Looking to build or invest in a backyard chicken coop? Well here at Backyard Escapes, we have plenty of chicken coop ideas for you. Whether you have a large flock or a small flock, the possibilities are endless. We offer amish made chicken coops built in the USA with top notch quality and numerous styles plus options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a chicken coop for size to eight chickens or a coop for twenty five plus, we have the right coop for you. A chicken coop shouldn’t be a bother to look at or have to tuck away in a corner of your yard. Enhance you coop to be appealing to the eye and compliment your backyard landscaping. Check out these chicken coop ideas to bring fresh eggs to your table! 

Great chicken coop ideas

A Curated Chicken Coop Idea

No matter the size of your chicken flock, we can find the right coop for you. Explore these chicken coop ideas plus gather styles and designs that catch your eye or which you will benefit from the most!  

A-Frame Chicken Coop Plan

The a-frame chicken coop blends in with the backyard, resembling closely to a storage shed. This coop offers ample interior space and even the option to have a feed room. The feed room will allow you to enter the coop without interacting with the chickens, such as the retrieve the eggs. 

Chicken Coop with Run Idea's

Looking for a DIY chicken coop that will bring a life of simplicity and ease? Well the combination coop is a great choice for you. This coop offers a large interior space (depending on size chosen) with a run attached. Have the peace of mind that your chickens will be protected from predators while also being able to roam as well as adventure outside freely. Definitely consider a chicken coop with a run attached.

Quaker Chicken Coop Design

The quaker chicken coop is a timeless classic. This style is what is commonly seen as a chicken coop. Similar to a chicken coop with a run except no exterior protected space. Featuring an overhang over the nesting boxes and windows, this coop is a great choice for an aesthetic chicken coop appearance. 

Dutch Coop Idea's

The dutch chicken coop style offers a country look. With the interchanging roof pitch to achieve the roof style, this coop grabs the attention of people passing by. Nestling above the ground on legs, and with exterior nesting boxes, this coop can bring a life of ease to both you and your chickens. Consider a dutch style chicken coop if you are seeking a farm appeal!

Modern Chicken Coop Idea

Have a modern farmhouse as your home? Or seeking a chicken coop that nestles against a wall to save space? Well a lean-to chicken coop might be best for you! Giving a modern feel with a single sloped roof this chicken coop gives an eye catching appearance. Great for saving space in your yard as well. Consider this backyard chicken coop with a modern yet convenient touch! 

Moveable Chicken Coops

Do you have lush green grass you work hard to maintain? Or do you want the chickens to eat all the insects in your yard? Well a moveable chicken coop idea may be best for you. Having the ability to move your chicken coop yet still maintaining the protection of an attached run area is a great advantage. No loss of chickens, no dead spots in your yard and multiple problems solved. Consider a chicken coop with wheels! 

Add to Your Chicken Coop

Adding great chicken coop options can help alleviate the stress that comes along with raising. No need to wake up early in the morning, heat or cool, and more with our chicken coop ideas. Explore these great options to add to your coop! 

Automatic chicken door

Automatic Chicken Door

No need to wake up early to let the chickens run wild in the yard, or late at night to ensure they are safe and sound. Add an automatic chicken coop door! With WIFI capabilities, you can open and close your chicken coop right from your phone. Consider this option for rest filled days! 

Solar Package

In addition to the automatic chicken door, consider the solar package for your chicken coop. No need to have to run power to operate your lights, door, or more, the solar kit can provide ample electricity to power your necessities. This is a great chicken coop idea. 

Clean out Tray & Lid

No need to add to the mess chickens make, why not make it easier? Adding a clean out tray along with a clean out lid, clean out your coop easier and faster without interacting or going inside the coop. Mounts directly underneath the roosting bars with access outside the chicken coop. Consider this chicken coop option! 

Wheel Kit

In addition to our chicken coops with wheels already designed, you can add a wheel package to the majority of our chicken coops. Fitting with either a hook up for a tractor or a steering handle to manually pull it, this chicken coop idea is a great choice to add! 

In addition to these chicken coop options, we offer numerous more. From roofing, feeding, electrical, and more, we can do it all! Looking for an easier alternative than having to build your own chicken coop? Check out our chicken coops below and explore our fully assembled chicken coops that will be ready to use as soon as we deliver! 

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