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building a chicken coop

Looking To Build a Chicken Coop?

Are you considering building a chicken coop yourself? Well we are here to help answer the question: is it more convenient/ worth it to build a coop yourself or purchase one? Weigh the pro’s and con’s while also helping you gather ideas along the way through the styles of our chicken coops. Our coops are made with the highest quality by amish craftsmen with generations of experience, in the heart of Lancaster county Pennsylvania. With nationwide shipping and a hassle free experience, customers have trusted us to protect their chickens or turkeys for years. Experience the Backyard Escapes difference or gather ideas from our amish made coops! 

Is a DIY Chicken Coop Worth the Time?

A DIY project can take several weeks or even months, especially for those with busy schedules, so when you consider building a chicken coop, first consider how much time it will take to build from the ground up. Weekends of lost time and family opportunities missed to build a project that ends of being more of a hassle day after day, while the stress to finish it grows every day. However if you plan to use this job as a family bonding moment than having the chance to build a chicken coop while working on it with your kids is great idea, consider a chicken coop kit for easy assembly! 

Stress accumulates everyday whether we know it or not. It can involve your car needing to be serviced and your busy schedule doesn’t allow it, or you have a family gathering coming up and you have to get the house ready, stress accumulates very easily! So why add on to it in an unnecessary way, such as a low cost diy chicken coop? Alleviate the stress with a fully assembled, ready to go coop that can be delivered to your door or even a chicken coop kit that is easy to assemble.

Have Chicken Coop Plans?

Don’t settle for a cheap low cost diy chicken coop, get the highest quality coop that will last for years and protect your chickens securely, because after all, a chicken coop is there to protect your pets from circling predators. Plans are hard to read if you do not have construction or handy man experience, consider a chicken coop that is delivered fully assembled or have a kit with the majority of components already assembled! See our chicken coop designs and gather ideas for building a chicken coop or perhaps choose a fully assembled coop or kit from us for hassle free fresh eggs! 

Buying vs. Building a DIY Chicken Coop

This is a big question to ask the you are considering building a backyard chicken coop for your family. Whether you choose to build or buy a coop you are making a decision that will control your time, money, and hassle. Let’s go over the key considerations:

  • Time and Convenience:

    • Ready-Made Solution: Buying a chicken coop provides a quick and convenient solution. If you’re short on time or lack construction skills, purchasing a pre-built coop can save you a lot of effort.
    • Assembly: Many commercially available chicken coops are designed for easy assembly. You can follow the provided instructions and set up the coop without the need for specialized construction skills.
  • Expert Design:

    • Functional Design: Coops available for purchase are often designed by experts who understand the needs of chickens. They include features like nesting boxes, roosting bars, ventilation, and easy access points, ensuring a comfortable environment for your poultry.
    • Safety: Professionally designed coops are more likely to provide a secure and predator-resistant environment for your chickens.
  • Cost-Effective:
    • Economies of Scale: Companies that manufacture chicken coops may benefit from economies of scale, allowing them to produce coops at a lower cost than if you were to buy the materials individually for a DIY project.
    • Reduced Mistakes: Building a coop yourself can lead to mistakes that may end up costing more in the long run. Purchasing a professionally made coop can help avoid such issues.
  • Transportation:

    • Delivery Options: Buying a coop often includes the option for delivery, saving you the hassle of transporting materials and components. This is especially beneficial if you don’t have a suitable vehicle for transporting large items.
    • A prefab coop can also be transported to another location easier than building a chicken coop

That said, building your own chicken coop can be a rewarding experience, allowing you to bond with your children in a rewarding way. If you have the skills, time, and inclination, constructing a coop can be a personally satisfying option. Consider your own circumstances and priorities when deciding whether to buy or build a chicken coop.

Avoid a Low Cost DIY Chicken Coop

When searching for chicken coop kits your will find numerous big box stores advertising pre-made coop kits. However what they do not tell you the time and stress that will come along with managing and building a chicken coop. When a chicken coop shows up in numerous boxes, that means they have cut corners in order to achieve that low cost diy chicken coop price tag. Here at Backyard Escapes, we do not cut corners to achieve the lowest price. We believe in building a coop that lasts for years and years without any hassle or complicated repairs on your part.

Our chicken coop kits are not considered a low cost diy chicken coop because we put the same attention to detail in a kit as we do a fully assembled coop. In addition, building a chicken coop shouldn’t be a pain or cause more stress in your life, our kits are made for customers with medium to little carpentry experience with the majority of components already built, shop for quality! 

Does Buying a Coop mean Limited Customization?

If you decide to buy a fully assembled chicken coop rather than build a chicken coop, that does not mean you can not customize your own coop. Here at Backyard Escapes, we welcome custom designs and look forward to them. 

When you bring your custom design to us, you are eliminating the hassle of material sourcing, carpentry work, and many more aspects. Building a chicken coop can require many skillful tasks, trust us to bring your chicken coop dream to life. Our skilled amish craftsmen do not build a low cost diy chicken coop, we build strong and sturdy houses your chickens will flourish and thrive in while being protected! 

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